Articles of Interest

This section contains all the articles we think might be interesting for our viewers, but that do not specifically fit into one of the other main categories.

    Article   Date Added   Description
    Uniforms of the Canadian Army   Feb. 2002   The Canadian military has been developing a series of new combat uniforms. Famously, our troops deployed to Afghanistan (desert) with Forest Temperate pattern camo, because the government had not purchased the desert pattern camo uniforms yet... Of interest to modelers, here are a series of pictures of these computer designed patterns.
    The Röt Hafen Saga   1 Jan. 2002   Carlos "Los" Lorenco's e-novel about some of the earliest interactions between humanity and the agressive alien race - the Kra'vak.
    TO&E Basics for Beginners   28 Dec. 2001   An Introductory article discussing the basics of how to set up a Stargrunt II force, for the beginner.
    Book Review - A Hymn Before Battle   26 Dec. 2001   Review of A Hymn Before Battle, a military sci-fi paperback, by Tomb.
    Movie Review - Fellowship of the Ring   21 Dec. 2001   Review of Fellowship of the Ring, the first Lord of the Rings movie. Contains spoilers if you have never read the book. By Tomb.
    Book Review - Breakout!   21 Dec. 2001   Review of Breakout, the Chosin Reservoir Campaign by Tomb.

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