Galleries and Modeling


These galleries provide us and others with the opportunity to present the results of our creative efforts. We hope you enjoy taking a look at what we do, and perhaps find some inspiration for your own work. We certainly greatly enjoy viewing the work of other people - to inspire and to learn new styles, tricks and techniques.

    Article   Game   Date Added   Description
    15mm Vehicles from GZG   SG2   20 March, 2006   Ground Zero Games is producing a new line of 15mm vehicles. Photos of pre-production kits, assembled and in parts.
    Mixed SG2 Miniatures   SG2   6 Aug. 2003   A series of photographs of 25mm-scale Stargrunt II infantry miniatures Models and photographs by Adrian.
    Assorted Stargrunt Vehicles   SG2   6 Aug. 2003   A series of photographs of 25mm-scale Stargrunt II vehicles including tanks, APCs, a hover-jeep and combat walkers. Models and photographs by Adrian.
    More Assorted Miniatures   SG2   9 Oct. 2002   Another series of excellent photographs by Albert Cho.
    Convoy Attack   SG2   10 July 2002   These pictures were taken during a Stargrunt II game hosted by Adrian at the Toronto Trek convention, July 5 - 7 in Toronto, Canada.
    Assorted Miniatures   SG2   7 Feb. 2002   Albert Cho sent us a series of excellent photographs of figures in his collection. Included are FSE, OUDF, NAC, NI, and Kra'Vak. These are worth the download time!
    Gurkha Platoon   SG2   9 Dec. 2001   The Gurkhas form a small but important component of the NAC regualar army. Presented here is a platoon of Gurkha troops, by Adrian.


These are a collection of "how to" articles, covering ideas, tricks, techniques and methods of building and creating for our hobby. The articles are illustrated where possible, and all are the result of practical experience in real projects.

    Article   Game   Date Added   Description
    Wet Palette Painting Technique   N/A   8 Jan 2003   A technique for keeping paint wet on your palette for much longer than normal, avoiding the problem of having it dry out when you're in the middle of working on something...
    New Canadian Combat Uniforms   N/A   February 2002   Included here as a painting reference, a series of pictures of the new issue computer designed combat uniforms of the Canadian Army. This article appears in our Articles of Interest section.

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