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Stargrunt II Miniatures
by Adrian Johnson

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Eurasian Solar Union - Support Weapons

Notes: These pictures show the tribarrel autocannon and automatic grenade launcher support weapons ("SGE-41" and "SGE-42", with "SGE-14A" kneeling squad leader as assistant gunner) available as part of the ESU Naval Infantry range of Stargrunt II 25mm figures from Ground Zero Games. The paint scheme is based on a relatively modern Chinese army camoflage pattern. Terrain on display in the photos comes from several sources including resin kits by Armorcast (supply containers and crates), GeoHex (ground mat - now produced by Monday Knight Productions), J.R.Miniatures (buildings), and trees from manufacturers including Games Workshop and several companies specializing in model railroad supplies (no names handy). Painting and modeling by Adrian.

New Anglian Confederation

Notes: The first photo show NAC Power Armour troopers from the Queen's Own Rifles, one of the regiments of the Royal New Anglian Light Infantry. The second two photos are "classified" shots of a section of female Special Operations troopers from the NAC SAS. The models are all from the NAC Marines and NAC PA figure range ("SGA" codes) from Ground Zero Games. Groundmat by GeoHex (now produced by Monday Knight Productions). Modeling and painting by Adrian.

New Israeli Interface Assault Commandos

  Notes: These models are from the New Israeli Assault Troops figure range ("SGZ" codes) from Ground Zero Games. The arid-environment camoflage pattern is custom created. Elsewhere on this website, you can read about the organization of the New Israeli Interface Assault Group as described by Owen Glover. Adrian's NI unit was built to match Owen't TO&E for an Assault Platoon. Painting and modeling by Adrian.

Saeed Khalifate Mercenaries

Notes: The Power Armour models are from the ESU Power Armour Heavy Infantry range from Ground Zero Games. The regular troops are also by GZG, from the Islamic Federation figure range ("SGI" codes). Adrian uses the IF figures to represent a force of Saeed Khalifate mercenaries (though they can substitute as IF troops at need). The arid-environment paint scheme is custom created, but was influenced by several existing Arab army camoflage patterns. Painting and modeling by Adrian.

News Correspondents

Notes: Ground Zero Games produces several ranges of miniatures that are not directly related to the GZGverse setting. The news crew seen in these photos is the SL-12 set from their "Street Level 25mm Figures" range. Painting and modeling by Adrian.

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