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by Adrian Johnson

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News Crew - Picture 1

ESU Support Weapon Team
Ground Zero Games produces several ranges of miniatures that are not directly related to the GZGverse setting. The news crew seen in these photos is the "SL-12" set from their "Street Level 25mm Figures" range. Adrian introduced this team, starring ace reporter Brun Hilda, at the Ground Zero Games East Coast Convention (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) in 2001, winning the inaugural bring-your-own-cheesiest-possible-squad Carnage Con Queso event hosted by Mike Sarno - to the general disgust of the other participants. At the 2002 GZG-ECC, Adrian hosted the Carnage Con Queso event (you can see a writeup of the scenario and special rules for that event here) and Brun Hilda's team appeared again as Referee-controlled characters. Unfortunately, several participants were still holding grudges from the previous year, and despite the best intentions of the Referee to have the news team appear in a "neutral" way, they were completely wiped out at the beginning of the game. All in good fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves! Painting and modeling by Adrian.

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