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Convoy Attack


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Convoy Attack
By Adrian Johnson

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Convoy Attack Gallery - Picture 14

The "Convoy Attack" participants. From left to right, Brian Quirt and Richard Harris ran the FSE Convoy. Andreas Helmer and Josh Derksen played the New Israeli commandos. Fun was had by all, and a big round of handshakes was exchanged after the game was concluded. Andreas and Josh were newcomers to Stargrunt (I think they may have played a game in a previous year at Toronto Trek), and they visited with Richard and I in the Stargrunt room several times through the convention, playing in a couple of scenarios with good sportsmanship and good humour. Richard was kind enough to volunteer his time assisting me in running the event - thanks Rich. So, to Brian, Richard, Josh and Andreas, thanks for a good afternoon. Thanks also to the other players who played in my games during the con who are not represented in the pictures. I did not have a single "cheesy gamer" or munchkin during the entire weekend - a great relief, as any game host will know.


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