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Gurkha Platoon, Independent Gurkha Company, NAC Army
By Adrian Johnson

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"D" Rifle Platoon, 5th Independent Company, Royal Gurkha Rifles

Credits: Modular hill terrain and ground mat by GeoHex. Resin buildings by ArmorCast. Trees from various suppliers. All other modeling and painting of terrain and figures by Adrian. Photographs by Adrian.

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This platoon is one of four rifle platoons in the 5th Independent Company of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade, Royal Gurkha Rifles. For further details of the Gurkha Independent Companies, see my article on the subject in the Tables of Organization and Equipment section.

5 Independent Company has been semi-permanently attached to the 123rd Battalion Battle Group, Royal New Anglian Light Infantry, since their campaign together on Wallace in 2180. Wallace, a relatively new NAC colony planet in the outrim settled primarily by Scots and Nova Scotians, was only 18 years old at the time of the conflict, and had a small militia and no permanent NAC Army or Marine garrison. During that brief but intense fight, the Battle Group had to put down a mercenary insurrection sponsored by mineral smugglers, later traced to the FSE-Based Association pour le développement de ressource dans l'espace.

D Platoon has remained an integral part of "E" Company, 123RNALI since Wallace, where E company suffered serious losses after defending in four-day siege against a mercenary battalion commanded by suspected FSE Legionnaire "advisors", while the rest of the Battle Group was tied up in fighting on another part of the planet.

It should be noted that the nomenclature used for unit designations in the Independent Companies is reversed to that of much of the rest of the NAC army. Because these companies are Independent formations and rarely deploy with their parent battalion, they are given a Unit Number designation, instead of the usual letter designation. So, while the Light Infantry has the 123rd Battalion, with A - F Companies, and numbered platoons, we have here D Platoon, 5th Independent Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade, Royal Gurkha Rifles.

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Total Strength: 1 Officer, 35 Other Ranks (36 total troops).

Special Note on IAVRs: The Gurkhas have developed a particular fondness for and expertise with the NAC standard issue IAVR (Infantry Anti-Vehicle Rocket). Gurkha units almost always issue IAVRs, as many as they can get their hands on. Often, this will be sufficient for one, perhaps two per man. In game terms, I never equip the unit with more than three IAVRs per rifle section, and none in the other sections - unless the scenario calls for extra anti-armour capability. There is much potential for abuse of the IAVR rules in non-campaign games, so I limit the number in play to maintain balance and "playability". Having a Gurkha section fire a SAW, a rifle, a marksman, and 5 IAVRs all at a single enemy infantry squad is just a bit much...

A (Headquarters) Section (1 Officer, 5 Other Ranks)

Platoon Commander (Lieutenant) - L7A3 AAR/GL
Platoon Warrant Officer (WO) - L7A3 AAR/GL
Signaller - L7A3 AAR/GL, Platoon Long Range Tactical Relay Radio Station (PLRTRRS)
SAW Gunner - L5 SAW
Medic - L7A3 AAR/GL, Medical Aid Kit
Assistant Medic - L7A3 AAR/GL, Medical Aid Kit

Note - during battle, the Medic team often operates separately from the HQ section. In game terms, these are played as a separate 2-model unit.

B (Weapons) Section (6 ORs)

Section Commander - L7A3 AAR/GL
Section 2ic - L7A3 AAR/GL
GMS Gunner - L7A3 AAR/GL, GMS/P (3 Rounds)
Assistant GMS Gunner - L7A3 AAR/GL (may carry 3 rounds reload for GMS/P)
GMS Gunner - L7A3 AAR/GL, GMS/P (3 Rounds)
Assistant GMS Gunner - AAR/GL (may carry 3 rounds reload for GMS/P)

C, D, E (Rifle) Sections (8 ORs each)

Section Commander - L7A3 AAR/GL
Section 2ic - L7A3 AAR/GL
SAW Gunner - L5 SAW
Marksman - L10A2 Sniper Rifle
4 Riflemen - L7A3 AAR/GL

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