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Links that support the "craft" part of the hobby. Links here include those related to painting, model building, terrain making, scratch building and other "crafty" things.

    Link   Who?   Description
  Camo Generator   If you want to try out the look of different camo schemes, this page offers a Flash tool that lets you switch between colours on a 3-colour camo pattern.       Hannants hobbies have some excellent decals and plastic kits which make wonderful playing aides and scratchbuilding accessories. And of course, the decals look good on your vehicles.
  Drybrushing Clinic   I don't know about anyone else, but I find drybrushing to be a pox. I like the effects it creates when I see Adrian's wonderful work, but I myself have no luck with it. So I started hunting around the net for advice to try to figure out what I was doing wrong and this site was part of that answer. Drybrushing is an important skill to master as a model painter (and if you are good, you can produce nice looking results in a very short period of time.... like that &%$#!!! Adrian.... :)
  Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic   A link that gives a goodly number of pointers about a range of painting subjects. If you plan to paint any figures or vehicles for your stargrunt games, this site is a good spot to take a look at.
  David's Painting Page   The author is a skilled painter and his site shares some useful suggestions and has a number of really nice pictures of the finished product. Only one warning: It is rather graphic heavy and perhaps a bit cluttered visually.
  Miniatures Painting FAQ   This is a fairly extensive FAQ that contains a lot of useful information for the veteran painter or for the newbie novice painter. Well worth a read even if you think you know which end of a paintbrush is used to apply the paint....
  Google Web Directory for Mini Painting   A very impressive launchpoint to painting resources. It links to a lot of very neat web pages (and if you understand how Google works, you'll understand why this directory contains a lot of good links). Even has links to painting SERVICES for those among us who can't be bothered, don't have time, have two left hands, etc.
  Mini Painting for the "Artistically Challenged"   This site was written specifically for those who have the general feeling they can't paint - perhaps have tried and not been too pleased with the results.
  Karoath's Painting Tips   Small site, but with some really keen painting tips for doing eyes and painting wood, both of which can prove to be more than a slight challenge!

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