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Links to other members of the GZG gaming community.

    Link   Who?   Description   Brian Burger's Wargame Pages   Brian is a dedicated fan of GZG's Stargrunt II and Dirtside II, and has a wealth of interesting resources here for these two games and several others. His "links" page is huge.
  Brendan Robertson   Brendan Robertson, AKA 'Neath Southern Skies, has put together a webpage with all kinds of interesting things. He has Full Thrust and Stargrunt II content.   Laserlight's Gaming Pages   Laserlight (aka Chris DeBoe) is a good friend of ours. He's done quite a bit of work on the Islamic Federation in the GZG universe (see his contributions in our TO&E pages). To balance the IF, Chris has created his own micronesian state, the Alarishi Empire - Three stars, no planets. One emperor, no taxes...   Jeff 'NauticalParrot' Wheeler   Jeff has recently started a Stargrunt related Blog on Blogspot.
  Karl Heinz Ranitzsch   Karl has assembled a huge collection of links to websites and resources devoted to GZG games and wargaming and other stuff. Great selection of stuff.
  Mark Kochte ("Indy" to his friends)   Indy has made a valiant effort to assmeble a player locator webpage for people who are interested in the games of GZG. He also has a page full of interesting Full Thrust resources. If you're looking for fellow GZG gamers, this is the place to start.   Allan Goodall's Stargrunt Site   Allan is a dedicated Stargrunt II fan, and has produced an excellent (and unique) comprehensive Index for the Stargrunt II rules. This alone makes his site worth visiting, but he also has playtest rules for Phalons in SGII, additional house rules, official errata for Stargrunt II, scenarios, and his innovative "Hard Tack", a Stargrunt II "Plug In" that enables US Civil War play with the Stargrunt rules.
  "Bethverse" - Beth Fulton's Website   Beth has created her own view of the GZG universe, and her new website features articles about the different groups and factions she has created. Lots of fun, and well worth the visit. derekfulton/   Derek and Beth Fulton's Wargaming Site   Derek and Beth are two Australian friends and fellow wargamers. Their site has plenty of interesting things to see. ~andy/min/   Andy Cowell's miniatures links page   Andy has collected a variety of interesting links here, including some to his own stuff. ao/fbsd/index.html   Sam Reynold's FB On-line Ship Designer   Since I'm lazy (That would be Tom ~Ed.), I like to use Sam's convenient on-line ship designer to design my fleet book ships. It might have a bug or two, but most things it seems to get right. And did I mention easy? quiz.cgi?quiz=gzgverse   Roger Burton West's Survey   Always wondered which GZGverse power your attitudes or tactics would have the most affinity to? Wonder no more! (Roger would undoubtedly accept contributions of new questions/responses)
  John Atkinson's Nea Rhomanoi (NRE)   For those who didn't get enough of the Roman Empire the first time round, John has revived it for the GZGverse. His setting is rather non-compliant with the standard universe, but quite extensive work has gone into it and it is interesting!

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