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In case you want to hear from some authorities on things military...

    Link   Who?   Description
    Big List of Military Links   General Military Links   A friend sent along this list of military-related websites. We have not reviewed them, so use at your own risk, but there is some really interesting stuff to be found.   Canadian Armed Forces   The official site of the Canadian department of National Defense.   Unofficial Canadian Army Site   An unofficial Canadian Army reference site.   Military Regiments   Very interesting site with all kinds of details regarding military regiments and their histories, etc.
  Gurkha Story/Joke   Quite a tale. Don't know if it is true or not, but I could almost believe it. And I'm sure the Gurkhas would encourage one to believe it in any event! *grin*   Heckler & Koch WSG2000   An example of the near-future of military sniping - an extreme-tech sniper rifle from H&K
  Steve's Camouflage Page   The site owner is a camouflage collector. Lots of excellent images for those interested in various military camouflage patterns! Some unusual ones here too!   Henrik's Camouflage Page   Another excellent site with images of a lot of cool camouflage patterns for battle dress uniforms. An excellent resource for painters - make your NSL guys show out in a true-to-life German or Austrian camouflage pattern! Has camouflage from all around the world.
  Links to Urban Operations sites! (MOUT/FIBUA/OBUA)   A launchpoint into some really interesting sites on urban military operations including interesting items like logistics, operations, tactics, etc. A good resource for gamers looking to get a feel for combat in urban terrain and up-to-date thinking on these matters (to the extent unclassified access will allow).

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