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Groups or Organizations related to the hobby who are not game companies or vendors.

    Link   Who?   Description gzgecc/gzgecc8/   GZG - East Coast Convention 8   GZG-ECC 8 is scheduled for the end of February 2005. jhan/ft/gzgecc/gzgecc6/   GZG - East Coast Convention 6   GZG-ECC is scheduled for the end of February 2003, this annual convention is dedicated to the games of Ground Zero Games. An excellent event that started with humble beginnings and keeps growing, GZG-ECC is worth attending if you are a fan of these games, or table-top gaming in general. Check out the "Con Index" link for previous years' events to see what this con is all about.
  FT Java Development Website   Sometimes you just don't live close enough to another FT player to get a game in. Sometimes you just don't have time to get out to game, but you have some time in the middle of the night. Well, the FTJava boys have developed (with the generous permission of Sr. Tuffley of GZG) an FT Java application (they've even ported it to those spit-hack Macintosh computers) and I must admit *IT ROCKS!*. They did a great job of putting it together and it is gaining features and ease of use with each new release. You'll need to know how FT plays to play it (part of the deal that secured Jon T's permission - this is a supplement to the rules/miniatures), but it lets you kick the tar out of the people you've met on gzg-l or some of the other hangouts even if they live in (for example, totally randomly chosen) either Tasmania or South of the Mason-Dixon line.

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