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Links we think are worth showing, but that do not fit anywhere else.

    Link   Who?   Description
      An interesting article on space elevators, otherwise known as beanstalks.       An article sanctioned by the FBI computer security guys identifying the top twenty computer security vulnerabilities (on various platforms and common products) that are currently known. Why is this here? Because everyone should know this stuff if they're gonna be on the net. Be safe! This article not only identifies problems but workarounds or solutions!
      Auld Lang Syne. Why? Because *every* site needs a touch of Burns! And because it makes me think of all gaming friends I have in the far corners of the world.   David Cardinal   The Solstice Cafe - the most happenin' cafe in Victoria, British Columbia! With a busy calendar of philosophy, art, and music, this cafe is a happenin' spot to visit if you are in Victoria. And it is owned/run by my most excellent long-time buddy David.
      The Case For The Empire! (or: Why everything you know about the Rebellion is wrong). The author makes a cogent case for the side of the Empire and points out the spin-doctoring the Rebel Scum have engaged in to paint the government and the proper lawful authorities as the Bad Guys, when in fact they themselves are a bunch of murderous revolutionaries.       Private initiative to study the effects of Martian gravity on mammals with the idea that this information is key to any future Mars colonization plans.
      Some Trekkers just have too much time on their hands.... and in this case a home-brew movie is the result! Follow the exploits of this Classic Trek homage crew....       Privacy, Security and Intelligence for Canucks! (Note: These guys don't seem to be aware of the "Canadian Conspiracy". Shhhh! Don't tell them.)
    Poor Lenord Nimoy...       This is not the sort of thing we're normally going to include, but Tom thought it was "really godamn bust-a-rib funny"... A video clip of a very young Lenord Nemoy, probably just post Star Trek, singing a song about Hobbits. This is truly painful.

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