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Vendors, retailers, and games companies are represented on this page. We aim to include only those with whom we have had some dealings so we can offer informed commentary on the results.

    Link   Who?   Description   Ground Zero Games   The originators of Stargrunt II, Dirtside and Full Thrust. GZG also supplies an extensive line of figures. Generally excellent service, and Jon Tuffley is a good guy to deal with. Very flexible if some oddball order is required.   Eureka Miniatures   The Australian licencee for GZG products. Eureka Miniatures supplies GZG products and has huge lines of other miniatures. They are responsible for creating a number of the GZG "official" product lines, and their "100 Club" and "300 Club" custom miniatures programs are innovative and proving very popular. Not to brag (who us?) but we feel pretty happy to have helped inspire and propose designs for (what ended up being) officially-sanctioned Gurkha figures for Stargrunt (and a darn fine looking lot they are too!).   Geo Hex   Formerly the North American licencee for GZG products. GeoHex had extensive lines of terrain items and figures, including their excellent modular terrain system. You can see their "Mountainscape" terrain set in action in the Gurkha Platoon article in our Gallery section. Update 2003: Sadly, GeoHex is no longer in business. Their line of excellent terrain products is currently in hiatus, though certain parts of the business such as the production of ground mats is being undertaken by Monday Knight Productions (see below).   DLD Productions   DLD Productions is a California-based company that currently produces ranges of resin miniatures in 15mm and 25mm suitable for games like Stargrunt (excellent resin vehicle kits) and resin "Space Based" kits suitable for games like Full Thrust and Babylon 5 including a really nice Space Station. They are receptive (Isn't that right David?) to new ideas, even having developed a modified vehicle model after some lively discussion of the merits of the original (Tom even got his name in lights in the flavourtext).   ArmorCast   Another California based company, Armorcast has a huge selection of resin tabletop wargaming products, suitable for 25mm to 28mm gaming. Their selection is very good, and so are their products. You can see Armorcast resin buildings in play in the Gurkha Platoon article in our Gallery section.   Brigade Models   Based in the UK, Brigade has a good range of 15mm vehicles compatible with SG2. They also have an excellent line of Semitic Federation (people used to think of these as New Israeli ships, although GZG has finally come out with some of their own) ships that are the perfect scale for Full Thrust. Tony is a wonderful fellow to deal with and their service is excellent.   Monday Knight Productions   We're breaking one of our aims by including Monday Knight Productions. Neither Tom nor I have had any direct dealings with this company, but they have been included because they have picked up the production of GeoHex's excellent felt ground mats. Also, they produce "Desperado", a fun 25mm Wild West skirmish game with a line of good minitures.   J. R. Miniatures   Another company we have not dealt with directly, J.R.Miniatures produces a number of lines of cast wargaming terrain. The quality of the master models has been variable though the casting is fine. Adrian particularly likes their 25mm buildings (Medieval, WWII era).   Old Crow Models   Recommended to us by friends in the UK, Old Crow has the licence to produce official Hammer's Slammers 25mm resin vehicles (GZG is doing the infantry figures). They have some really nice looking model kits in 25mm, 15mm and even a few in 6mm.   Combat Wombat Miniatures   Scott has a good line of 15mm vehicles that look great next to the new generation of 15mm GZG troops. I've never dealt with Scott (being permanently committed to 25mm), but he seems to have some good ideas for models. And some volume discounts! I just wish his logistics air-cushion flatbed and his wheeled LGS were available in 25mm! Scott might even be including rare earth magnets with the turrets so they can rotate if I read a TMP(The Miniatures Page) post correctly - and that's pretty inspired, though brass rod works great for my 25mm stuff.

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