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Browser Testing and Troubleshooting

We have tested this Website in a number of different browsers.

The site is best viewed with Netscape 4.7 for UNIX/X on a 1280x1024 resolution with 24-bit color depth, maximum contrast, minimum brightness, in a 1000x960 window placed in the exact center of your display with a colour temperature of 9300K using barco phosphors and connected to an AGP Matrox G200 via 5 individual RG179B/U coax cables with a contact resistance less than 0.1 mOhm and a UKP 10k data projector placed 3142mm from a 2m diagonal screen in a semiconductor clean room with no more than 5 10um particles per cubic metre of air.

For those of us with slightly more reasonable equipment, included here is a list of the browsers we've used to test the site, and any specific issues encountered.


  • Internet Explorer 5 - No problems encountered.
  • Netscape Navigator 4 - Problems with CSS implementation in NN4. Certain features do not work properly (link colour changes, for example), but this does not impair basic site function.
  • Netscape Navigator 6.2 - They still have minor CSS implementation issues. Again, does not impair site function.
  • Opera 6.0 - Seems to work fine.
  • Mozilla (not sure if there is a version number - but downloaded from their site latest version Feb 2002) - Very minor CSS implementation issues. Nothing to impair site function.
  • Added - September 04 - the site has now been tested with Lynx and Firefox. Lynx doesn't display any graphics, but the site text is still navigable. Firefox had an occasional bit of visual artifacting, but otherwise worked fine.

We have tested the site at monitor resolutions from 800 x 600 (on a 15") to 1280 x 1024 (on a 19") and it works fine. We do not support 640 x 480 - that is just to darned small...

Most of this testing was conducted on Windows machines. We have tested the site in a limited capacity on Macs, and it seems to work ok.

We have tested under Mozilla on a Linux box (Slackware distribution, 2.2 series Linux Kernel). It seems to be fine, having no serious problems to impair site navigation and browsing.

If you encounter problems with how the site displays or functions, please let us know. If you could include what Operating System you are running, and what browser version and monitor resolution settings you are using, that would be really useful! Thank you.

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