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For those of you new to the GZG online community, you will probably never even have heard of Adam Delafield. For those who play Full Thrust, you may recognize a Fleet Book design, the Delafield-class Destroyer. This ship was (at the suggestion of the GZG online community and with the concurrence of Jon Tuffley) named in memoriam for Adam, taken from the GZG community and his family at far too young an age by a cruel twist of fate. We remember Adam for his contributions as list administrator of the old Bolton-server GZG-L (the current server was not the first to host the GZG-L mailing list!). Adam's contributions were valuable, both in terms of his list participation and by his execution of the important but oft-forgotten task of list admiistration. His loss was keenly felt by the GZG community and we keep his memory alive today to remind ourselves of the contributions of those taken from us by fate.

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