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Many people are daunted by the 20-40 messages a day that flow through the main GZG list, but are also unaware that you can receive a digest. A digest subscription means the list server accrues email up until a threshold of size is reached or until a time threshold is reached (whichever comes first) then fires out an e-mail to all those subscribed to the digest which contains all of the collected e-mails since the last digest issue. This "size" limit tends to be about 55-60 Kb and the "time" limit seems to be somewhere between 1 and 3 am EST every morning.

Replying to digested e-mail is a bit more bother, as you have to cut and paste the part you want to reply to (Please DO NOT reply to the whole digest without severely snipping out irrelevant sections!). However, instead of 20-40 e-mails a day, you tend to get one. This makes a great way to collect the list for burning to CD or just for archiving and searching. Plus it is very fast to scan for interesting content and tends to pollute your inbox much more slowly. Additionally, it serves as a buffer for emotionally loaded content - by the time you get it, the discussion has moved on so the need to leap up and reply in the heat of the moment (more common than one would like to see) is mitigated.

Under subscription information, the method of subscribing for digest e-mails is provided. Note that if you wish to receive digest e-mails, you must unsubscribe from the normal one-at-a-time delivery or you will continue to receive it in addition to your new digest version.

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