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The three main lists support one set of optional commands and the GZG-Computer list (hosted elsewhere) supports a slightly different list of commands. Both are outlined below for your convenience. The examples use GZG-L but remember to insert the correct name for the list you are accessing!

You must send your commands in the body of a mail message. Subject lines in mail messages are ignored. The command must be placed in the body of the e-mail and e-mail signatures should be suppressed or disabled to ensure the list server functions correctly. The commands are case insensitive.

Multiple commands can be processed in the same message, however you must put each command in the correct syntax on its own line.

List Commands for GZG-L, GZG-Aliens, GZG-Pedia

Send to

Command Purpose Syntax
SUBSCRIBE To subscribe to a mailing list. subscribe gzg-l
UNSUBSCRIBE To remove yourself from a mailing list. The optional addr allows you to unsub another address such as when you might change ISPs and not be able to unsub from the original. unsubscribe gzg-l (optional email addr)
WHO IS ON THE LIST To get a list of subscribers. who gzg-l
INTRODUCTION MESSAGE To get a copy of the intro message. intro gzg-l
WHICH LISTS To find out which lists an e-mail addr is subscribed to. The address is assumed to be the one sending the query unless an alternate address is provided. which (optional e-mail address)
LIST FILES To see a directory of files associated with the list which can be fetched. index gzg-l
GET FILE To get a listed file. get gzg-l filename
GET HELP MSG To get the help message. help
LIST INFORMATION To get the general information about the list. info gzg-l
LIST OF LISTS To get a list of mailing lists available on this host. lists
END PROCESSING Placed at end of multi-instruction message, prevents further processing. Good if you can't suppress your sig block. end

List Commands for GZG-Computer

Send to

Command Purpose Syntax
SUBSCRIBE To subscribe to a mailing list. SUBSCRIBE gzg-L
SIGNOFF To remove yourself from a mailing list. SIGNOFF gzg-L
REVIEW To get a list of subscribers. REVIEW gzg-L
QUERY To get the status of your entry on the list. QUERY gzg-L
SET NOMAIL To remain on the list but not receive mail. SET gzg-L NOMAIL
SET MAIL To reverse the NOMAIL setting. SET gzg-L MAIL
SET CONCEAL To conceal yourself from REVIEW listings. SET gzg-L CONCEAL
SET NOREPRO To prevent the list from sending you your own postings. SET gzg-L NOREPRO
SET REPRO To reverse the NOREPRO setting. SET gzg-L REPRO
LIST To get a list of mailing lists available on this host. LIST
HELP To receive a help file. HELP

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