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[Ed: The below comes as part of the introductory e-mail from each of the GZG lists. It outlines the terms of usage for the list and seemed like a good inclusion here!]

Important note on use of the Mailing List

This Mailing List is run for the benefit of Fans of Ground Zero Games and, to a lesser extent, for Ground Zero Games themselves. Material appearing on this list [Ed.:any gzg list] WILL be forwarded to Ground Zero Games and may be used in part or whole as part of future rule books, supplements or other material. Any material used in whole will be credited to the Author of the material and he still retains copyright unless waived.

By subscribing to the list you agree to alow your copyrighted material to appear in GZG products. If you do not agree with these conditions UNSUBSCRIBE NOW!

Do this NOW if you do not agree with the above conditions of use. If you wish to participate on this list, but do not want a specific item copied, include a notice to this effect in that message and your wishes will be respected. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe and use the Newsgroup: "".

By receiving this message you have been made aware that your material may be used by GZG and by not unsubscribing you are giving your permission to do so.

Bolton Institute [Ed.: presumably neither does Berkeley] has no connection with GZG and gains in no way from this mailing list. The lists owner has no connection with GZG and gains in no way for maintaining this mailing list or participating on it.

The FAQ maintainer has no connection with GZG and gains in no way from maintaining the gzg-l FAQ.

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