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Joining (Subscribing To) A GZG E-mail List

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To subscribe to one of the GZG mailing lists, all that is required is to send an e-mail with a blank subject line and a particular body text to the list server's subscription address. Below is a simple table which lists the address to send the e-mail to for each list, and the body text to be sent.

Also, beware the use of signatures (which sometimes append often invisibly at the end of e-mail messages). These often cause list servers trying to process commands all manner of grief. So, when sending commands like subscribe, unsubscribe, or other commands, it is best to suppress any signature blocks that might be otherwise normally appended to your e-mail.

Mailing List E-mail Body Text
GZG-L (main list) subscribe gzg-l
GZG-L Digest Version subscribe gzg-digest
GZG-Aliens subscribe gzg-aliens
GZG-Pedia (GZG Encylopoedia Galactica) subscribe gzgpedia
GZG-Computer subscribe gzg-computer

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