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Who's Who at GZG?
By Jon Tuffley

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Jon Tuffley, owner of Ground Zero Games, provided us with some brief descriptions of the "Movers and Shakers" behind Ground Zero Games.  ~Ed.

GZG itself is just TWO people:

Me (Jon Tuffley) - owner, proprietor, publisher, rules designer, sometimes sculptor/modeller, resin caster, packer, mailboy, teamaker, worrier-in-chief and general person to blame when things don't work.

Paul Lewis - wage slave, metal caster, packer, phone-answering-person, assistant teamaker (occasionally), trainee worrier and the person who tries to keep the workshop tidy while I do my best to mess it up.

The other "major players" - not GZG employees, but people who contribute to making things work:

Paul Owen - jolly good web person, runs GTNS (Grantham Total Network Solutions), created and maintains the online catalogue and webstore for us (it's all Geek to me....)

Mike Elliott - an old friend who does a lot of invaluable work on rules development and testing with us, especially on DSII; has a Proper Job (TM) in serious computer stuff.

Carl Desforges (aka Mr Panda) - worryingly odd but strangely talented painter of figures, lives in Hell (er, sorry, Hull....), responsible for most of our painted display figures, also sculpts all the Panda-Monium anime figures we do, and wrote/published the Kawaii 5-0 anime game rules.

Martin Baker - freelance sculptor responsible for most of our more recent (ie: last few years) of figure output in 25mm and 15mm.

Tim Parnell - printer/graphic designer at (and a Director of) Brackenbury in Ipswich, did most of the design and layout work for our rulebooks over the years; longtime wargaming friend, often helps us man the stand at shows, one of the team behind Gomi Designs and also wrote and published the Mecha Carnage rules.

Tim Osborne - superb technical illustrator who did all the wonderful ship drawings for the two Fleet Books.

There are loads more people of course, friends and volunteer helpers at shows, the members of the GZG mailing lists, and of course the paying customers who keep us solvent and able to keep producing stuff!

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