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Are there any official errata for the Stargrunt II rules?

Sort of. There are no published corrections for the Stargrunt II rules, but several people have asked questions that have been answered by Jon Tuffley and Mike Elliott. Take a look at our "Official" SGII Errata page for a compilation of the corrections that we know about.

Is there an SG3 in the works?

[Tomb] Let us put it this way, SG2 players have been waiting for Bugs Don't Surf (the alien expansion) since SG2 was put out many years ago. Do not hold your breath. The GZG product pipeline seems to be focused on a skirmish game (man to man, vs. SG2's squad to squad orientation), a new incarnation of DS2 (presumably called DS3), and more expansions for Full Thrust (further Fleet Books). And one day, maybe we will see an aliens supplement for DS and SG which will cover the known alien races. A rehash of the SG rules seems very far away. Fortunately, they are pretty good to begin with.

Where do I get a copy of the Stargrunt II rules?

In North America, you'll have to look around for a store that has it, or one of the online game dealers. GeoHex used to be the licencee for Ground Zero Games products in North America, but they have given up the licence and it is not currently held by anyone. As such, if you don't find GZG products in a store or online, you'll have to go direct to GZG in the UK, or to their Australian licencee. Luckily, both GZG themselves and Eureka in Australia are great companies to deal with. In Australia, you can get GZG products through Eureka Miniatures. And in the United Kingdom, from Ground Zero Games themselves. Elsewhere, pick the closest one or wherever you get the best currency exchange. Service levels are approximately equal (all good). You can sometimes find it in better local gaming stores and you can always ask them if their distributor can get Ground Zero Games products either directly from GZG or from Eureka indirectly.

[Adrian] I have had a difficult time finding stores that keep GZG products in stock consistantly or in decent variety/quantity here in Canada. As a result, I purchase almost all of my stuff by mailorder. Depending on the current exchange rates, I most often buy the actual figures from Eureka in Australia or GZG in the UK. The quality of service provided by these companies has been very good.

Are there any homegrown Stargrunt II rules extensions?

Many. This site is devoted to these kinds of projects. Visit our Rules section and take a look around. There are also a number of other websites which specialize in Stargrunt extensions. Take a look at our Links page to see work done by other people.

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