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What is

This website caters to wargaming enthusiasts in general and to the afficionados of a series of games, put out by Ground Zero Games of the UK, in particular. These games include Stargrunt II (SG2), Dirtside II (DS2), and Full Thrust (FT or FTFB if referring to the latest incarnation). These are (respectively) a squad-level generic infantry combat game, a company-level generic combined arms combat game, and a fleet-level generic space combat game. Our website focuses on articles of interest to those who play these games and it will hopefully serve as a hub of activity and communication for those who share the wargaming mania.

Is a profit making venture?

Heh! No. That might be nice... but no.

This is a not-for-profit hobby site to let the creators showcase their web design acumen, their content provision genius, their painting brilliance, and their photographic vision (not to mention their boundless modesty). We pay for the server space to host this site because we enjoy our hobbies and we like the community of mature players that the GZG games tend to attract. The two creators of the site first met one another via a GZG games mailing list and are now fast friends. We hope this hub will serve (in the long run) as a place for such friendships to form and we have ZERO intention to pollute the environment with commercial content such as pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-offs, pop-overs, or pop-tarts. There shall be no adware. There shall be no obnoxious commercial overtones. Gaming wants to be free!

Now, does this mean we will never ever do a review of a commercial product? No. Does this mean we would never ever accept a product for review for free? Hah! But if we do get something for review, we will indicate how we recieved it and we will try to be fair in our reviews. And we might be a little pro-GZG (and some other companies that have been good to the GZG community) but that is because these companies have provided good products, good service, and been supportive of wargaming in general and GZG gaming as a whole, which has won them our support. But we are not being paid to say that. And we like it that way.

Who are the creators?

As it turns out, the creators are a pair (well, not really matched in any sense... closer to mismatched) of wargaming enthusiasts employed in the high-tech world. Coincidentally, we are also both  Canadian  (and proudly so, most days). We met each other.... five?.... years ago or so on the gzg-l mailing list (not the current one, but the one that existed on the Bolton server before the current server came into being) and we found we were both Canadian, had similar interests, had went to the same university around the same time, etc. and lo and behold, a "great partnership" was created. And now, having gamed together and corresponded over a long period, we decided to offer something palpable and hopefully valuable back to the online community in the form of this website.

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