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Stargrunt II Leaders - Leaders As Individuals
By Thomas Barclay

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Rationale Back to Top

Stargrunt II models command and control fairly well. The idea of representing command elements and their abilities via the mechanism for transfering actions is fairly novel and does help to give a feel for the benfits of command (or the penalties for loss of same). However, the association of the unit commander with a particular squad tends to render that squad useless in the game and it tends not to mirror the necessary mobility of platoon commanders during combat actions.

Platoon officers and NCOs tend to attach/detach at will and go where they are needed and the fact they are on the radio would freeze the command squad in SG2. If they are treated as individuals, then they can freely attach/detach and make themselves present as required. They can move with different squads or on their own (or with only their radioman) and thus free up an entire squad for combat operations.

Implementation Back to Top

As per the individual rules in the SG2 rulebook, individual figures can attach or detach from squads at will. When attached to a squad, they temporarily replace the existing leader (so a weak squad can be shored up by the grizzled Platoon Sergeant arriving to take command). A squad may only ever have one commander at any instant, and when the leader has declared himself attached to a squad, he then (until he declared himself detached) is considered a part of that squad for casualty resolution purposes. He can detach freely at any time, although anyone who tries to detach their leader from a squad after the enemy declares the squad a target for direct fire should be beaten soundly (this is one circumstance where the fire should be resolved first and then the individual may detach).

Individual figures, when not part of a squad, are fired on with direct fire weapons as if one range band further from the firing unit. This is consistent with the rules of Stargrunt II.

Related Rules Back to Top

See the rules for Platoon Sergeants. Platoon Sergeants may act as independent leaders also. Note, in the event that both the Platoon Sergeant and Leiutenant attach themselves to the same squad at the same time, the Leiutenant is considered to be in command of that squad until he detaches himself from it.

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