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Stargrunt II - Recovery of Support Weapons
By Adrian Johnson

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Rationale Back to Top

It has always annoyed me that during the resolution of casualties phase in a Stargrunt fight, special or support weapons are automatically lost if the figure carrying them is wounded or killed. If a squad has a single support weapon such as a SAW, or a single anti-armour weapon such as a GMS/L, it would seem to make sense that if the gunner goes down, one of the other squad members will recover the weapon and keep firing, if it is possible to do so. These support weapons are simply too valuable to be lost if the gunner is wounded or killed. Sometimes the weapon itself may be damaged, but if not, there should be some means for the weapon to be put back into action.

This rule aims to enable a mechanism for recovering one-man-portable support weapons such as SAW or GMS/P if the model carrying them becomes a casualty.

Implementation Back to Top

Resolve casualties as per the normal Stargrunt II rules. If a support weapon carrying figure becomes a casualty, the weapon may be able to be recovered, as follows:

  1. For any figures killed outright (the IMPACT dice roll is more than double the ARMOUR roll), the special or support weapons that figure was carrying are lost. The weapon was damaged when the carrying figure was killed.
  2. If the support weapon gunner was not killed outright, the squad must undertake a reorganization action, using one of their normal actions. This enables the wounded casualties to be treated.
  3. Special or support weapons carried by a figure who is dead/incapacitated after the REORG action may be able to be recovered. Roll a d6, on a 1 - 3 the weapon is damaged and useless, and on a 4 - 6 the weapon is recoverable. One of the other figures can use it in subsequent fire actions (replace one of the "uninjured" figures in the squad with the support weapon figure).
  4. If a figure is STABILISED after the REORG action, then its weapon is recoverable. Replace one of the "uninjured" figures in the squad with the support weapon figure.

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