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Carnage Con Queso II


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Carnage Con Queso II - The Media's Revenge
Late Additions
By Adrian Johnson

This article is broken into four parts:

  • Introduction - An introduction to the scenario, background information, objectives and victory conditions.
  • Scenario Rules - Special rules particular to this scenario.
  • Squad Construction - Building rules for creating the squad you bring to this event.
  • Late Additions - Based on responses from participants, these are some additons to the scenario rules.

This Page: Rules Changes / Additions  Squad Building Changes / Additions

Rules Changes / Additions

1)  Vehicles   The maximum armour allowed on any vehicle is Armour type 1. This means vehicles will be relatively easy to shoot up, and can be destroyed by small-arms if the shooter is lucky. If a vehicle is destroyed, the crew must make a survival test just like they do in the Stargrunt rulebook, but, and this is the important part, any cargo is lost. Surviving crew / passengers bail out, and the vehicle "brews up" (burns), destroying any contents. Keep this in mind if you want vehicles!

2)  Penalties   As stated earlier, you will be penalized if you attack Brun Hilda or try to steal her food. These penalties may be cumulative... So if you attack her and fail to take out her and her crew, and attack again later, you might receive additional penalties. The GM will determine whether an additonal penalty is warrented.

3)  Grand Cheese Army Award   At the end of the game, there will be a bonus of 5 supply points awarded to the player with the cheesiest force. This is to be determined by a vote taken among the players. The GM will only cast a vote if there is a tie. This extra 5 points will count toward determining the event winner.

Squad Building Changes / Additions Back to Top

1)  Vehicles   Vehicle equipment is as listed. You do not get EW suites, smoke, decoy launchers. The only exception to this is ECM. All size 1 vehicles will be assumed to have Enhanced ECM (d8), and this comes at no additional cost. Bikes don't have ECM.

2)  Electronic Warfare   I've been asked about this a couple of times now. If I allow EW, someone will try to jam my beloved Brun Hilda, and I'm not sure I like that... Still thinking about it.

3)  Regular Weapon Costs   You can now take two regular ranged weapons. This might include, for example, an AAR and a shotgun (giving you a close-up and CC bonus, and a decent weapon at range). However, it costs +1 build points if you select a second regular ranged weapon. You cannot have more than one ranged weapon if your first is a "special" weapon.

4)  Automatic Grenade Launcher   You can now take the Automatic Grenade Launcher (FP d12 IMPACT d8*) as a "Special Weapon".

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