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Carnage Con Queso II - The Media's Revenge
Scenario Rules
By Adrian Johnson

This article is broken into four parts:

  • Introduction - An introduction to the scenario, background information, objectives and victory conditions.
  • Scenario Rules - Special rules particular to this scenario.
  • Squad Construction - Building rules for creating the squad you bring to this event.
  • Late Additions - Based on responses from participants, these are some additons to the scenario rules.

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1   Each player will control a single squad, constructed using the Squad Building Rules outlined on the next page. If a vehicle is purchased, it may count as a separate unit - otherwise, all figures form a single squad.

2   The players will deploy their squad no closer than 18" to any other squad, and outside of the 12" radius Media Exclusion Zone around Brun Hilda's camp.

3   Each player will be assigned a "cheesyness" rating by the GM, based on how they have constructed and equipped their forces. This rating will be used to determine the number of Special Event cards that the player may draw from the Special Events deck. These cards will provide a form of "balancing", enabling weaker (less cheesy) forces to compete with stronger forces. The least cheesy force will draw the most cards, and the most cheesy force will draw the least. Keep in mind that last year's event was won by Brun Hilda and her news team, who had a grand total of two rifles (carried by their bodyguards). With careful preparation and clever play, you don't need a really beefy force to win. On the other hand, if rocking-and-rolling is your thing, then take a strong force with big guns, and play really aggressively. There is no minimum number of Special Event cards - if you have an insanely cheesy squad, you could well get none.

Game Play Back to Top

1   Standard Stargrunt II rules will be used, with several exceptions. The turn sequence will be modified to account for the fact that there will be up to 9 individual forces. At the beginning of each turn, we will roll dice to determine initiative. The player with the highest roll will go first, and we will then continue clockwise around the table. The only other main rules addition will be the use of the Marksmen rules, available elsewhere on this website, for any player who chooses to include a figure equipped with a sniper rifle in their squad.

2   Brun Hilda's team will be GM controlled. They will move in a random direction each turn, for a random distance. At the end of their movement, a clock-face die will be rolled, and that will indicate the direction Brun Hilda's camera is pointing. The camera has a 90 degree field of view, and any squad in line of sight of the camera caught attacking another squad will receive a penalty. The news team has a "Media Exclusion Zone" around their camp. The camp contains supplies, and these can be taken by another player. However, any player entering the Exclusion Zone and attempting to get away with Brun Hilda's supplies will be subject to a heavy penalty. Also, her team may be attacked, but this will also incur a penalty, as the footage her cameraman is shooting is being beamed off-planet live. Special Event cards that allow a special attack (such as an air strike or a mortar barrage) used against her news team do NOT count as an attack for the purposes of the penalty.

Encumbrance Back to Top

Each trooper has a maximum encumbrance rating of 4 units.

The supply containers come in four sizes:

  • Small - worth d6 or d8 Supply Points. These weigh 1 unit each.
  • Medium - worth d10 or d12 Supply Points. These weigh 2 units each.
  • Large - worth d20 Supply Points. These weigh 4 units each.
  • Very Large - worth d30 Supply Points. These weigh 8 units each.

So, a single trooper can carry four Small, two Medium, or one Large supply container, and it takes two troopers to carry a single Very Large container.

If any of your troops are carrying more than 2 units, then your force counts as being "encumbered" for the purposes of movement. This works the same way as if they were carrying a wounded or dead trooper, as per the standard rules in Stargrunt.

Special Encumbrance Rules: Any model wearing "Medium" or lighter armour, who is NOT CARRYING A WEAPON, is considered to have a maximum encumbrance rating of FIVE units, not four. Also, any model wearing Power Armour can carry a single Very Large container by themselves. They can otherwise still only carry 4 units worth of supplies - the limit is not on the strength of the PA, but on the bulkiness and awkwardness of the containers. So, a PA trooper can carry one Very Large or Large container, or up to 4 units worth of Medium or Small containers.

Introduction  Scenario Rules  Squad Construction  Late Additions
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