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Carnage Con Queso II - The Media's Revenge
Squad Construction Rules
By Adrian Johnson

This article is broken into four parts:

  • Introduction - An introduction to the scenario, background information, objectives and victory conditions.
  • Scenario Rules - Special rules particular to this scenario.
  • Squad Construction - Building rules for creating the squad you bring to this event.
  • Late Additions - Based on responses from participants, these are some additons to the scenario rules.

This Page: Squad Construction Introduction  Construction Costs  Weapon and Vehicle Details  Sample Squads

Squad Construction Introduction

You are to construct your force using the following information. Each player has a total of 10 Build Points to use. Your final design should be cleared with me before the event. I won't prevent you from doing anything you like within these rules - I just want to make sure your force isn't breaking the rules (I can't let anyone get too cheesy before the game starts…).

If you come up with some other really creative/clever/funny idea for either equipment or squad construction, contact me and we can talk about it.

Construction Costs Back to Top

Item Build Point Cost
1 Trooper 1
Armour +0
Power Armour +1
Regular Weapon +0
Special Weapon +1
Size 1 Vehicle 5
Grav Bike 1
High-Mob Wheeled Bike 1

Leadership and Quality:

You pick. For your unit Quality, you can choose from Green troops, Regular troops, Veteran troops or Elite troops. You can pick a leadership level of 1 (the best), 2 (average), or 3 (the worst).

There is NO cost associated with taking the better quality and leadership, so if you want an Elite 1 squad, that's fine. However, the better your quality and leadership, the cheesier your squad, and if you take that Elite 1 unit, you better win with clever tactics and good luck, because I'll slam you when it comes to giving out Special Event cards…

Weapon and Vehicle Details Back to Top

Take a look at the following lists of equipment. When you select something from a category, look at the list for that category. You can pick any of the items in the list. For example, if you take a "regular weapon" you can pick any from those listed. I will examine your forces and equipment choices before the game, and the better the equipment you choose, the more cheesy your squad cheese rating will be, and the fewer Special Event cards you will get.


  • Light Armour - Protection: d4 Base Movement: 8" (all troops are considered to have Light Armour unless otherwise specified).
  • Medium Armour - Protection: d6 Base Movement: 6"
  • Heavy Armour - Protection: d8 Base Movement: 6" (note: any figure with Heavy Armour counts as carrying 1 extra unit of weight, so their maximum encumbrance rating drops to 3).
  • Power Armour - Protection: d12 Base Movement: 12"

Regular Weapons

Pick any from this list. Models may carry ONE ranged weapon and/or ONE close combat weapon (knife/spear/sword). You can't have an AAR and a Shotgun, or two AARs, for example. You can have an AAR and a sword, or a Shotgun and a sword (not much point to that, though - the +1 CC bonuses are not cumulative).

  • Basic Assault Rifle: FP 2 IMPACT d8
  • Advanced Assault Rifle: FP 2 IMPACT d10
  • AAR with Grenade Launcher: FP 3 IMPACT d10
  • Gauss AR: FP 2 IMPACT d12
  • Gauss AR with GL: FP 3 IMPACT d12
  • Flechette Rifle: FP 3 (close range) FP 2 (other ranges) IMPACT d10 (close) IMPACT d8 (other ranges) CLOSE COMBAT +1
  • Submachinegun or Assault Shotgun: FP 3 (close range only) IMPACT d8 CLOSE COMBAT +1
  • Combat Knife/Sword/Kukri/Spear: Close Combat +1

Special Weapons

A model may have ONE Special Weapon, and if equipped with a Special Weapon, may not carry any other weapons.

  • Basic Light Machinegun: FP d8 IMPACT d8
  • Advanced Light Machinegun: FP d8 IMPACT d10
  • Rotary Light Machinegun: FP d10 IMPACT d10
  • Gauss Light Machinegun: FP d10 IMPACT d12
  • 3-shot IAVR Launcher: FP d10 IMPACT d12*
  • Infantry Plasma Gun: FP d6 IMPACT d12*
  • GMS/P: Guidance d8 IMPACT D12*
  • Flame Thrower: FP d8 (close range only) IMPACT D8 (plus fire effects) CLOSE COMBAT +2 CAUSES TERROR
  • Laser Sniper Rifle: FP d12 IMPACT d8
  • Gauss Sniper Rifle: FP d10 IMPACT d12
  • Heavy Anti Material Rifle (HAMR): FP d8 IMPACT d12x2

Note - remember that we're using the Marksmen rules for any figure equipped with a sniper rifle. We are not going to use the Stargrunt sniper rules.


Size 1 Vehicle: This could include a Jeep, a fast attack vehicle, etc. Mobility types are either High-Mobility Wheeled or GEV (hover). You cannot have a grav vehicle. The crew capacity is 2, with space for up to four passengers. For each empty passenger space, you may carry up to 5 units worth of cargo (so, if you have a crew of 2, you could carry 20 units of cargo in the passenger area). Crew and weapons are NOT included. You can mount ONE "special weapon" on the vehicle if you choose, at the usual special weapon cost. Base Movement is 12", Armour is class 1 (d12).

Grav Bikes: These use the skimmer rules. Each grav bike can carry a driver only, and up to 2 units of cargo. The driver can carry ONLY his/her personal equipment, and may not carry a large special weapon (machinegun, rocket/missile launcher, plasma gun, HAMR). Movement is 12" (skimmer), Armour is class 0 (soft skinned d6). Grav bikes mount an Advanced Light Machinegun (IMP d10) in a fixed forward firing mount (Fire Control: Basic d6), at no additional cost.

Wheeled Bikes: These use the regular high-mobility wheeled vehicle rules. Each wheeled bike can carry a driver only, and up to three units of cargo. The driver can carry ONLY his/her personal equipment, and may not carry a large special weapon (machinegun, rocket/missile launcher, plasma gun, HAMR). Movement is 12", Armour is class 0 (soft skinned d6). These bikes are unarmed.

Sample Squads Back to Top

Ultra Cheesy:

Elite Quality, Level 1 Leader
4 Troopers (cost 4)
Power Armour (cost 4)
1 Gauss LMG (cost 1)
1 HAMR (cost 1)
2 Gauss AR with GL (cost 0)
Total Cost: 10

Waayyy Less Cheesy (but kinda boring…):

Regular Quality, Level 1 Leader
8 Troopers (cost 8)
Medium Armour for all (cost 0)
Advanced AR for 6 troopers (cost 0)
Combat Knife for 6 troopers (cost 0)
Advanced LMG (cost 1)
3-shot IAVR launcher (cost 1)
Total Cost: 10

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