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Carnage Con Queso 5 - Return of the Media
Squad Construction Rules
By Adrian Johnson

This article is broken into four parts:

  • Introduction - An introduction to the scenario, background information, objectives and victory conditions.
  • Squad Construction - Building rules for creating the squad you bring to this event.
  • Scenario Rules - Special rules particular to this scenario.
  • Late Additions - Based on responses from participants, these are some additons to the scenario rules.

Squad Construction

The squad building rules for this version of Carnage Con Queso are really simple. You bring your own squad, and can choose whatever equipment and weapons you like, with the following few limitations:

  • Maximum of 10 troops (or maximum of 6 if they are wearing Power Armour)
  • Maximum of 4 support weapons
  • Maximum of 3 IAVR rockets
  • All troops must be equipped with the same type of armour
  • All troops armed with a basic weapon must be equipped with the same type of basic weapon

You pick armour type, leadership, squad quality, weapon stats (within the limits of the Stargrunt II rules - so no FPd20 weapons). Your unit must have the same armour type on each figure (unless you give me a really convincing argument otherwise...)

That's it. Dead simple. However, there is a catch. I will rate your force based on "cheesyness" just before the game, using the following rating system. Once I've rated each player's squad, I'll give out "Special Event Cards", with the most cards going to the player with the lowest Cheese rating. If you want to have lots of options with the cards, you need to minimize your squad's cheesiness.

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