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Carnage Con Queso - Rules and Special Events
By Adrian Johnson

"Carnage Con Queso" was an event first run at the Ground Zero Games East Coast Convention in 2001 by Mike Sarno. He created a format in which players built their own squad and competed against the other players for resources, using the Stargrunt II infantry combat rules. Mike introduced "Special Event" cards that allowed players to do things outside the normal rules. Each player's force was rated on how "cheesy" it was - the more powerful the squad created by the player (tougher armour, stronger weapons, higher quality troops or leadership, etc.), the cheesier the squad was rated. Squads with a lower "cheese" rating were given more Special Event cards to compensate. Some of the special event cards were quite devestating, if used in the right circumstances.

I won the initial game, using a "squad" that was actually a News Correspondant team (reporter, camera operator, technician - all unarmed - and two armed bodyguards). It was great fun. To the winner went the "privilege" of running the next year's Carnage Con Queso event.

Several folks who wanted to try running a similar game with friends or at other convention events have asked for copies of rules, special event cards, and so on. I'm putting links to the rules and special event cards I created for the events I ran in 2002 and 2005 here so you can download and read them, modify them, and use them however you like. Have fun. The files are Microsoft Word documents (Word 2000).

You can find rules for game setup, squad building and so on elsewhere on this website: Carnage Con Queso 2002, Carnage Con Queso 2005.

Con Queso 2002

This was my first attempt at running the Carnage Con Queso event. These files are the rules and special event cards used.



Referee-Only Rules

Cheese Rating System

Special Event Cards: These are text-only versions of the cards. You'll need to format and print them yourself. I used a "print your own business cards" kit and put each special event on a separate card.

Con Queso 2005 Back to Top

This was the second time I ran the Carnage Con Queso event. The rules, cheese rating system, and special events are more refined (and there are more of them!).


Rules for Reporters

Cheese Rating System

Special Event Cards

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