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A Guide to the GZG Universe
By Adrian Johnson

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This Page: Introduction    Summary of GZGverse Nations    Backgrounds of the GZGverse Nations    Aliens in the GZGverse

Please Note: This information is summarized from the descriptions and timelines in the six rulebooks published by Ground Zero Games for their games Stargrunt II, Dirtside II, and Full Thrust. While this article was not written by GZG, the material contained herein should be considered covered by GZG's Copyrights. Please see our Copyright Notice for further detail.

Introduction Back to Top

Two huge Federal "Super States" and two lesser Super-Powers playing an expanded version of the "Game of Nations", now conducted across the stars, dominate the GZGverse. Though there tend to be long-running general alliances, few of the powers are "fast friends". The history of the Human Race during the 21st and 22nd Centuries is one of regular conflict, and massive and aggressive expansion into space as humanity discovers and exploits FTL space travel.

The major conflicts break down between the NAC, NSL, RH, Dutch, and Japanese on one side, and the ESU, FSE, and PAU on the other, though this is not always fixed. Conflict also exists between the Oceanic Union and the Indonesian Commonwealth. The New Israelis fight with the Islamic Federation, who in turn fights with potentially anyone. The LLAR bitterly remembers losing its power base on Earth to the NAC, and sells its forces as mercenaries, often aligned against NAC interests. The Indonesians have fought with the LLAR also. Mercenaries are provided to the major powers by a number of the minor powers and independent nations including the New Israelis, the Saeed Khalifate, the Indonesians, the Japanese, the Swiss, the Dutch, the Scandinavians, and the LLAR. "Newcomer" nations include the New French Republic and FCT - the nation of Free California-Texas.

At the end of the 22nd Century, humanity is battered and war-weary, and it is then that we confront an enemy that proves to be far deadlier than we have know in the pastů

If you are interested in reading about the GZGverse "future history" in detail, take a look at the Official Ground Zero Games Timeline.

Summary of the Nations of the GZG Universe Back to Top

  • NAC - New Anglian Confederation - Britain, Canada, the US, Mexico, Central and South America.
  • ESU - Eurasian Solar Union - China, Russia, most of Central Asia.
  • FSE - Federal Stats Europa - France, Spain, Italy and other European nations from the failed EC.
  • NSL - New Swabian League - Germany, Austria and other Central European states.
  • IF - Islamic Federation - Most of the Arab countries including North Africa.
  • PAU - Pan African Union - All of Africa, except the Arab countries to the North.
  • OU - Oceanic Union - Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and other Pacific Island countries.
  • RH - Romanov Hegemony - Ukraine, part of Russia, other members of the former CIS.
  • IC - Indonesian Commonwealth - Indonesia, Malasia, the Philippians, Borneo, and most of South East Asia and Indo-China.
  • NI - New Israel - Founded on a garden planet in the Epsilon Indi system.
  • KNG - Netherlands (Koninklijke Nederlands Gemenebest - Royal Dutch Commonwealth) - Maintains independence as a separate nation.
  • Japan - Formally "independent" but closely allied with (and protected by) the NAC.
  • Switzerland - Neutral, as ever.
  • Saeed Khalifate - Break away colonies that rebelled against IF rule.
  • NFR - New French Republic - Break away colonies that rebelled against FSE rule.
  • FCT - Free Cal-Tex - California, Texas and several small colonies. Broke away from the NAC.
  • SF - Scandinavian Federation - Made up of North European nations not part of either the NSL or the FSE.
  • OC - Outrim Coalition - Nothing has been mentioned about this organization, other than its existence.
  • UN - United Nations - A powerful organization in its own right, within the Core Systems and inner colonies. Very limited presence in the Outworld areas.

A Brief Background for the GZGverse Nations Back to Top

NAC - New Anglian Confederation
Arguably the largest and most powerful (but not by much) of the "Big Four" super-powers in the GZGverse. The "Anglian Confederation" was formed in 2057 as the UK, Canada and the remains of the US united in a federal super-state under the Crown, at the conclusion of the Second American Civil War. Gained control of Mexico and all of Central American in 2072 at the conclusion of the first War of the Americas. Conquered all of South America by 2100 after the LLAR was defeated in the second War of the Americas, which started only two years earlier. Renamed the "New Anglian Confederation" in 2136 when its Constitution was re-written to include all related colonies as independent members. The NAC capital was moved to the colony world "Albion" in 2135.

ESU - Eurasian Solar Union
The second great power of the GZGverse, after the NAC (though exactly who is first and who is second is a matter of debate). China conquered territory in Russia and much of Asia, starting in 2045. South Korea fell to China and North Korea in 2046. A coup in 2047 in Russia, sponsored by China, led to a return of Communist government to Russia and several of the other CIS nations. The Communist states then formed the Eurasian Union. The remaining CIS states (including part of Russia, the Ukraine, etc) formed the Romanov Hegemony under the deposed Czar in response. The EU crossed the Himalayas and invaded the Indian sub-continent in 2051. Launching its first FTL space craft in 2072 (several years behind the other major powers) the EU renamed itself the Eurasion Solar Union. Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia petitioned to join the ESU as "economic partners" in 2124, considering themselves to have been poorly treated by the NSL and seeing a trend toward some liberalization in ESU policies (as a result of the difficulties of administering strong central control over the vast distances of space). The balance of power swung away from the Chinese in 2127 as the ESU capital moved to the mainly Russian-settled Nova-Moskva.

FSE - Federal Stats Europa
Founded in 2101 as the foundering United Federal Europe splits. Germany, Austria and several East European states formed the NSL in response to "French domination of the UFE", and the FSE was created in response as France and the other remaining UFE members (notably Spain and Italy) joined in common interest. Within a very short time, border skirmishes between the two groups led to open warfare on both Earth and the other European-controlled worlds. This conflict lasted for three years, ending with an Anglian Confederation and UN co-sponsored peace plan.

NSL - New Swabian League
Founded in 2101 as Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and several other East and Central European states broke away from the United Federal Europe in response to what was perceived as French domination. These countries immediately formed the New Swabian League, and very shortly thereafter came into direct conflict with the remaining UFE nations, now joined together in the FSE. The NSL has remained an "ally" of the NAC, engaging in wars with the NAC against the ESU and FSE on more than one occasion.

IF - Islamic Federation
Founded by the Saudi Royal Family, who are eventually deposed in 2163. Encompases Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and other Arab states, as well as their colonial possessions. Formerly created in 2043 after much of these territorial gains had taken place.

PAU - Pan African Union
Formed from the previous EC sponsored "Economic Union of African Republics" in 2023, as a response to the creation of other "Federal Super States". Encompasses all of Africa except the Arab African states, which fell into the Saudi and Egyptian, and later Islamic Federation area of interest.

OU - Oceanic Union
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and a number of other Pacific nations joined to form the Oceanic Union in 2050 in response to Indonesian aggression in the region. Fought the "Papua New Guinea War" against the Indonesians from 2110 to 2112 after Indonesia launched an invasion of PNG.

RH - Romanov Hegemony
In 2018 a new Czar was crowned in Russia. The CIS states remained allies through to the Chinese invasion of 2045. After the 2047 Communist revolution in Russia (sponsored by the Chinese), the Czarist government escaped to the Ukraine. The Ukraine, part of Russia and the remaining CIS states banded together to form the Romanov Hegemony to defend their interests against Chinese, and later Eurasion Union, aggression. The RH gained FTL space travel several years before the ESU, and began a program of colonization.

IC - Indonesian Commonwealth
Indonesia developed strongly expansionist tendencies, and conquered many surrounding nations. These included Malasia in 2039, Borneo in 2043, the Philippians in 2050 (though the Gilderstein Foundation, based on a purchased Philippine island, was protected by the Japanese Navy). The IC invaded and conquered Burma and Thailand in 2053, and the remainder of Indo-China fell to the IC in 2054. The IC fought a war against the OU over Papua New Guinea starting in 2110.

LLAR - League of Latin American Republics
Formed in 2050 as the US-sponsored Organization of American States collapsed. Dominated by Argentina and Brazil. In the confusion surrounding the end of the 2ACR, the LLAR attempted to gain territory in the former US by annexing California, New Mexico and Texas. The fifteen-year-long "War of the Americas" resulted. This war ended in 2072 with the LLAR losing control of all territories in North and Central America. Conflict between the LLAR and the Anglian Confederation started up again in 2098, resulting less than two years later in the LLAR's complete loss of all Earth-bound territory. The remaining members of the League government retreated to the Brazilian colony on Santa Rico, and the LLAR became a purely off-Earth power.

NI - New Israel
Israel was destroyed in 2027 by Islamic-sponsored nuclear and biological terrorism. A Jewish-funded research organization, the Gilderstein Foundation, was created after this event to explore the possibilities of FTL space travel. They produced the first working FTL stardrives, and very early in the human colonization of space, New Israel was founded on a garden planet in the Epsilon Indi system. While New Israel is not one of the major players in the GZGverse, their presence is nevertheless felt through their high-technology, marketing of very good mercenary troops, and their constant "war" on the anti-Zionist forces in the Islamic Federation.

The Dutch split from the FSE in 2102 during the conflict with the NSL. They refused NSL overtures, and asserted their independence as a separate power, expelling all FSE influence from their Earth-bound and colonial territories.

Maintaining their independence throughout the GZGverse history, they are nevertheless a "jealously protected" close ally of the NAC.

The Swiss are mentioned only briefly in the GZGverse history, as an independent nation and supplier of mercenary troops.

SK - Saeed Khalifate
In 2130 Shi'ite fundamentalists on the Outworld settlements of Abu Haman and Sad Al Bari declared themselves independent from the IF. IF troops sent to suppress the rebellion defected instead, and the two colonies declared the formation of the Saeed Khalifate under the banner of Mullah Saeed ibn Aamir. The Khalifate soon turned to using its armed forces as mercenary units for hire to raise hard currency, and within a short period, their forces earned a reputation "of being among the toughest units in Human space."

FCT - Free CalTex
Following the end of the Second Solar War in 2157, California and Texas declared their independence from the NAC (in 2158). The NAC protested strongly, but eventually accepted the declaration, and the FCT was formed.

NFR - New French Republic
During the Third Solar War, French separatists aided by NAC agents, overthrew the Federal forces in the colonies Bretonneux and Doullens and proclaimed the New French Republic. Compville was added in 2170, after FSE forces there are defeated by NAC-funded Scandinavian mercenaries.

SF - Scandinavian Federation
Mentioned only briefly (as mercenary suppliers) in the "official" GZGverse history, they are nevertheless supported with a line of Stargrunt miniatures.

OC - Outrim Coalition
Never mentioned in the GZG timeline, we know very little about the OC, other than it has a small range of starship miniatures produced by GZG.

United Nations, United Nations Space Command, United Nations Peace Force - the United Nations Space Command was formed in 2143 to prevent space conflict in the Core systems at the conclusion of the First Solar War. They are limited to active operations in the Core, and their presence in the Outworld areas is in a scientific/research capacity only.

Alien Races in the GZGverse Back to Top

By the end of the 22nd Century, Humanity has contacted three different intelligent, technologically advanced Alien races, and fought all three. As the GZG Official History closes in 2194, Humanity faces what is perhaps its greatest ever peril, as the forces of the Kra'vak prepare to lay siege to the Sol system itself.

A militant, predatory race, currently engaged in a massive invasion of Human space. In the "official" GZGverse history, by 2194 their forces have arrived at the Sol system to begin a siege.

The second of the GZGverse alien races. Completely "amoral" by Human standards, the Phalon society is focused on Phalon interests first and always. As a result, they have taken sides both with and against Humanity in its fight with the Kra'vak - whichever happened to be in their best interests at the time. Humans have learned the main Phalon language, and have been able to "do business" with them on occasion, albeit very cautiously.

The third and final of the GZGverse alien races. Very mysterious, the Sa'Vasku communicate with Humanity only when they choose. They have appeared throughout Human space during the Xeno War with the Kra'vak, sometimes allies, sometimes enemies, and sometimes just observing. Their motives are a complete mystery, and Humanity knows next to nothing about them.

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