Settings and Histories


These articles describe settings that have been created primarily to provide a context in which to set games, but also simply for the fun of creating them. These include descriptions of of people, places, events, and environments within the structure of the "official" universe provided by Ground Zero Games. These may also include ideas that have nothing to do whatsoever with the GZG universe. Ground Zero Games is quite explicit in stating that they provide a background for fun and to put their games in a context, but that they in no way require you the player to use their material. The rules themselves are not particularly setting-specific, so can be adapted to a wide variety of background source material.

    Article   Game   Date Added   Description
    Mercenaries in the GZG Universe   ALL   5 Jan. 2002   An introduction to Mercenaries in the GZG Universe. Includes a number of brief descriptions of merc units, and plenty of fodder for interesting background material and scenarios. By John Atkinson.
    Introduction to the GZG Universe   ALL   22 Dec. 2001   This article provides an introduction to the nations and political groupings of the Ground Zero Games "Universe".


Similar to the "Settings" section above, these articles expand the gaming environment by further detailing the GZG universe ("GZGverse") or other, alternate settings.

    Article   Game   Date Added   Description
    "Official" GZG Timeline   ALL   8 Dec. 2001   We have express permission from Jon Tuffley, owner of Ground Zero Games, to reproduce the "official" timeline for the setting presented in Stargrunt II, Dirtside and the Full Thrust series.

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