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NAC Light Infantry


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Royal New Anglian Light Infantry - Regimental Battle Group
By Adrian Johnson

This article is broken into three parts:

This Page: Unit Introduction  TO&E Summary  Reinforcements

123rd Battalion (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada), RNALI

This unit is one of the regiments (battalions) in the Infantry Corps of the regular NAC Army, and perpetuates the history and battle honours of the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada.

The Light Infantry troops are used for several types of operations:

  • Internal Security
  • Colonial Garrison
  • Reconnaissance
  • Skirmishing and Irregular Warfare
  • Rapid Reaction and Rapid Deployment
  • Counter Insurgency
  • Extended Operations (note: these are "regular" fighting operations conducted in areas with long or interdicted lines of communication).

Light Infantry regiments are equipped with little integral heavy or complex equipment. Normally organized into Regimental Battle Groups, these formations have small but robust organic logistic and maintenance units, capable of conducting almost all repair and service work on the equipment used by the battle group. These "light" formations place considerably less demand on the logistic and maintenance support systems of the army than do the heavier mechanized and armoured units. This allows them to be used in situations where lines of communication and supply are long or interdicted, and the demanding maintenance requirements of the heavier units would be difficult to meet.

Light Infantry Battle Groups contain no integral heavy armour or heavy artillery, but do have small detachments of Power Armour, Aviation, Light Artillery or heavy RAM mortars, and Combat Walkers to provide heavier firepower and additional mobility to the troop units.

Light Infantry Regimental Battle Group TO&E Summary Back to Top

Total Strength: 55 Officers, 1085 Other Ranks (1140 total troops).

Total Strength (Reinforced): 74 Officers, 1418 Other Ranks (1492 total troops).

Headquarters Company (9 Officers, 113 Other Ranks)

HQ Post
Intelligence Section
Communications/EW Platoon
Recce Platoon
UAV Recce Section
HQ Defense Section
MP Section

Logistics / Admin Company (10 Officers, 153 Other Ranks)

Company HQ Section
Administration Platoon
Supply Platoon
Transport Platoon
Maintenance Platoon
Field Kitchen
Medical Platoon

Combat Support Company (10 Officers, 232 Other Ranks)

Company HQ Section
Assault Pioneer Platoon
RAM Mortar Battery (8 Heavy Mortars in 4 teams mounted in GEV jeeps, each with ammo carrier, an additional GEV Jeep)
PA Platoon - Reinforced (six PA sections, one tech section)
Combat Walker Troop - Reinforced (8 Walkers)
Anti-Aircraft Battery (8 AA missile systems on GEV Jeeps)
Anti-Tank Platoon (16 GMS/H on GEV Jeeps)

3 x Rifle Company (6 Officers, 156 Other Ranks)

Company HQ Section
Quartermaster Section
Weapons Platoon (3 Light RAM, 6 GMS/L, 3 HMG)
3 x Rifle Platoon

Battle Group Aviation Support Flight (8 Officers, 119 Other Ranks)

Aviation HQ Section
Maintenance Section
Transport Section (8 VTOL Transports)
Scout / Fire Support Section (6 VTOL Scout / Gunships)

Reinforcement Back to Top

On certain operations, a Light Infantry Battle Group may be reinforced with several different types of additional units. The most common are the High Mobility Support Squadron and the Light Armour Squadron.

High Mobility Support Squadron (7 Officers, 146 Other Ranks)

Squadron HQ Section
PA Platoon - Reinforced (six PA sections, one tech section)
3 x Combat Walker Troop (6 Walkers)
Support Section (3 WRV - Walker Recovery Vehicles)

Light Armour Squadron (12 Officers, 187 Other Ranks, 18 Light GEV Tanks)

Squadron HQ Troop (2 GEV Light Tanks)
Assault Troop (4 GEV-AIFV)
Combat Support Troop (1 ARV, 4 RAM mortars)
4 GEV Light Tank Troops (4 GEV Light Tanks)
1 Recce Troop (7 GEV-Recce Vehicles - usually a covered version of the GEV Jeep)

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