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"The Mercenaries" - Apache Squadron
By John Atkinson

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This Page: Unit Introduction  Apache Squadron Detailed TO&E   Weapons, Equipment and Other Details

Apache Squadron Introduction Back to Top

This article is the first in a series detailing mercenary formations active in the GZG universe.  ~Ed.

The Apache Squadron is an old formation. It was formed during the 2nd American Civil War during the Commonwealth Intervention period. The Mescalero, Chiricahua, and Western Apache formed war parties in their old tradition to defend their tribal members from attacks by New American white seperatists, Nation of Aztlan "Chicano" militias, and a variety of other factions. As the Allied forces began moving into the American Southwest, the Apache offered their services to Canadian units in exchange for treaties granting them tribal autonomy.

The tribal war parties were adopted intact into Canadian and British formations, in small units that were further split down to act as guides, scouts, and long range recon patrols.

Shortly after the formation of the Anglian Confederation in 2057, the abilities of the Apache were recognized by the formation of the Apache Squadron, Special Air Service. Almost immediately they saw action, when the fifteen-year War of the Americas started as LLAR forces invaded California, New Mexico and Texas.

The decision to place this formation on the open market was taken in 2110, shortly after the beginning of the Papua New Guinea War. This was mostly an excuse to intervene in the war without the NAC taking official action. The Apache Squadron served with distinction in that conflict, and upon its' return found itself besieged by contract offers for security, counter-terror, counter-insurgency, and other contracts. As a result, the tribal council decided to keep the squadron on the market. The Apache Squadron served in Operation Jericho, with the LLAR and Indonesian Commonwealth both during the Mercenary War, and served with distinction fighting for the NAC during the First Solar War. The Apache Squadron was the first unit hired with NAC 'aid' by the Romanovs for the Second Solar War, and were back fighting for the NAC supporting the insurrection on Bretonneux in 2169. A percieved lack of support for them on this contract led to the termination of their contract and hard feelings against the NAC. Since then they have been more free-lance, but will not work for ESU or FSE.

Apache Squadron - Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: X Officers, XXX Other Ranks (XXX total troops).

Squadron Headquarters Troop (X Officers, XX Other Ranks)

Command Team
Plans Team
Intelligence Team
Liason Team

Support Troop (X Officers, XX Other Ranks)

Communications Section
Supply Section
Maintenance Section

4 x Rifle Troops (6 Officers, 20 Other Ranks each)

HQ Team (2 Officer)
A two-member team, including the Troop Commander, and Troop 2IC.

4 x Assault Teams (1 Officer, 5 ORs each)
Each Team consists of Team Leader (usally an officer), Weapons, Demolitions/Engineering, Medical, Commo/Electronics, and Intelligence. Each trooper is cross-trained in two specialties, and is familiar with the other 4. Team weapons vary depending on mission requirements.

Weapons, Equipment and Other Details Back to Top

Rank is pretty meaningless in the Squadron, and usually exists only to make easier interfacing with regular militaries.

There is also a not-for-hire Training Troop back on Terra which handles recruiting, selection, and training. This is about 15 operators and 30 semi-retired operators. The unit also accepts troopers who have done the NAC SAS selection and training with only a limited amount of retraining.

The language of command is Mescalero dialect of Apache.

Weapons and Equipment: Generally 5 riflemen and 1 SAW or sniper (weapons trooper) per team. Weapons are highly variable, but most common are the NAC standard L7A3, L5, and L9. Weapon selection may change with each contract. The troopers are lightly equipped, with small assault packs and no armor. They wear helmets with attached sensors and visors, with the CPUs in the packs. "Demo" would carry bulkier rucksacks, "Weapons" would have either a SAW or a sniper rifle, "Intel" would have a larger computer, "EW" would have an antenna and radio in pack, "Medical" would be carrying medical supplies in a vest and in his pack. All are armed with large knives, and everyone carries a pistol.

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