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Islamic Federation - Fedayeen Commando Platoon
By Chris DeBoe

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Unit Introduction   Fedayeen Detailed TO&E    Death Commando

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Muslim extremists and guerilla fighters on many worlds refer to themselves as fedayeen (Arabic fida'iyin adventurers). Some of these are experienced fighters, some merely undisciplined gangs of armed teenagers. The Fedayeen described here, however, are the elite commando raiders of the Islamic Federation.

The Fedayeen specialize in close assaults, night fighting and sabotage. They have a well-deserved reputation for ferocity and take prisoners only for interrogation. Experienced troops facing them get a bonus to 'Last Stand' rolls; militia and civilians should suffer from terror effects. Fedayeen themselves never surrender, prefering to make a suicidal charge or to blow themselves (and ideally nearby enemies) up with demo charges or grenades.

Typical equipment includes standard AAR (FP3/D10), standard IAVR, heavy IAVR (Impact 2d12*, close range only), enhanced sensors, and the traditional Arabic jambiya dagger.

Fedayeen Commando Platoon - Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Commando Platoons (1 Officer, 35 Other Ranks)

HQ Squad (1 Officer, 8 ORs)

Usually operates as three teams. The platoon leader's team includes the platoon sergeant, marksman (Take a look at our Marksmen rules - Ed.), a rifleman, and a grenade launcher. The medic and a rifleman/aide operate as a semi-independent team; the electronics warfare specialist and a rifleman also operate separately. Other than the marksman and AGL gunner, squad members are armed with standard ARs.

3 x Commando Squads (9 ORs each)

Each Commando Squad includes the Squad Leader, SAW Gunner, AGL gunner, and six troopers. Three troopers are armed with SMG/Auto-Shotgun, and the remainder carry the standard issue AR.

Death Commando Back to Top

Sometimes a single death commando decides to (or is assigned to) assassinate or destroy a specific target. Through meditation (and sometimes drugs), the warrior enters a trance in which he ignores fear, pain and fatigue while in pursuit of his enemy. It is suggested that such a warrior be treated as a special character who has succeeded in a Last Stand roll and who autoresolves wounds as PA do (1= dead, 2=reduce movement 2"/1 downshift, 3-4= reduce quality by 1, 5-6=no effect). He will always move towards his assigned target and will bypass other enemies without engaging them unless they are physically blocking accss to his target.

The death commando invariably carries his jambiya. He often carries a rifle or shotgun, but sometimes foregoes a weapon in order to carry a heavier load of explosives. Once within range of his target, he will detonate his explosives. Treat this attack as a small antipersonnel artillery round (2" radius, d12 impact against soft targets); if he carries a double load of explosives, carry out two separate attacks.

Movement 8", armor d4 or d6, basic sensors, does not communicate or receive command reactivations.

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