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"The Mercenaries" - Frier's Fusiliers
By John Atkinson

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This Page: Unit Introduction  Frier's Fusiliers Detailed TO&E

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Warrant Officer Frier was a sniper in the recon platoon of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. After mustering out, he discovered his skills as a combat-experienced sniper were in high demand, but that many mercenary units were too conventional in mindset to employ him effectively. One night, over beers with several other freelance snipers the idea for the Fusiliers was born. Elected to command of the small unit, Frier named the unit in honor of his old regiment. Only experienced sniper teams (sniper and spotter) who had worked together in combat were accepted, and most of them were recruited from former NAC light infantrymen. The Fusiliers are rarely hired directly, usually acting as subcontractors for other mercenary units who do not have effective or adequate sniper assets. Frier has been offered several contracts that are equivelant to assasinations, but has turned all such offers down. The Fusiliers worked with a Swiss brigade during the battle for Flensberg and did extremely well. Since then, the Fusiliers have been able to charge more or less whatever they wanted to. Most contracts are fulfilled without a single Fusilier being killed. Unit quality is about 70/30 Veteran/Elite.

Frier's Fusiliers - Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: 0 Officers, 20 Other Ranks (20 total troops).

Command Section (2 Other Ranks)

Warrent Officer Frier, his Spotter

3 x Sniper Sections (6 Other Ranks each)

3 x Sniper Teams (2 ORs each)
Each Team consists of a Sniper and Spotter. Snipers are armed with either the L9 or L10A2 sniper rifles (standard NAC issue - see the Stargrunt II rulebook for details), and either a pistol or SMG as per personal preference. Most of the spotters carry the L7A3, but there is some variation as well.

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