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Generic Light Infantry Rifle Company
By Chris "Laserlight" DeBoe

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This Page: Unit Introduction  Light Infantry Company Detailed TO&E  

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This is a light infantry company, based on the Viet Nam - era US Marine Corps but easily adapted for mountain or other adverse terrain. Quality is twenty percent Green, fifty percent Regular, thirty percent Veteran. The standard weapon is an advanced combat rifle (FP3, Imp d10). Depending on the climate, troops have d6 (partial light) or d8 (full light) armor. Squads will reach the battlefield by air transport if available, otherwise by IFV or APC if terrain permits.

In this organization, squads are larger than normal; players should consider using fire teams as the basic unit, instead of squads.

Light Infantry Company - Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: (6 Officers, 188 Other Ranks).

Company Headquarters (2 Officers, 9 Other Ranks)

The company headquarters consists of 11 personnel - the Company Commander, the Executive Officer, the Company Sergeant, two signallers, two riflemen (providing local area security and to act as runners if needed), a medic and assistant medic, and a sniper/forward observer team of two troops.

Weapons Platoon (1 Officer, 56 Other Ranks)

Platoon HQ (1 Officer, 4 OR)
The HQ of the Weapons Platoon consists of the Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, two signallers and a medic.

Mortar Section (14 ORs)
Section Leader, SAW gunner for local area security, three Light RAM mortars with four-man crews. Each team has a gunner, loader, and two assistant loaders equiped with a standard AR in addition to their mortar.

Anti-Tank Section (19 ORs)
Section Leader, six GMS/L teams with three-man crews. Crews carry the standard AR in addition to their GMS.

Machinegun Section (19 OR)
Section Leader, six gauss SAWs with three-man crews. Two crewmen in each team carry the standard AR.

3 x Rifle Platoons (1 Officer, 41 Other Ranks each)

Platoon HQ (1 Officer, 5 ORs)
A rifle platoon HQ consists of the Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, pathfinder, signaller, and a medic team with a medic and an assistant medic. (For gaming purposes, we suggest you use the medic team as a separate unit. ~Ed.)

3 x Rifle Squads (12 ORs each)
Fire team: squad leader, 2 riflemen with IAVR, AGL gunner
Fire team: team leader, 2 riflemen with IAVR, SAW gunner
Fire team: team leader, 2 riflemen with IAVR, SAW gunner.

Common Attachments
  • Tank or tank destroyer element (2 AFVs)
  • Medium mortar section (2 medium mortars)
  • Forward air controller
  • Engineer squad

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