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Indonesian Commonwealth Armed Forces
By Owen Glover

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Raider Company Introduction Back to Top

Towards the middle of the 21st century, the Indonesian Commonwealth expanded its territories in the Asia Pacific region. With the increase in its boundaries, the IC found itself unable to maintain its level of manning for both the military machine and its industries. To compound problems, with the expansion of off-world colonies, it became cheaper to hire military labor (mercenaries) than technically skilled scientists and technicians. As a result of these developments, the IC Armed Forces (ICAF) units which survived the necessary downsizing were actually better trained and equipped than their predecessors.

Within the ICAF, the infantry is mostly of either Special Forces or specialist assault units such as the Raider Companies. There are, however, a significant number of locally-raised militia units that form the Army Group Home for the local defence of the major population areas including off-world colonies.

The island factory of Singapore is a front-runner in the production of grav vehicles for the military market and the ICAF were the first to deploy them during their attempted annexation of New Guinea in 2110. The ICAF have continued this trend of utilising new technologies where possible and indeed even use this to give the individual ICAF soldier an edge over their physically larger and stronger ‘European’ opponents. Weapons and equipment for the ICAF come from a wide variety of sources such as the NAC, the FSE, local manufacturers and even the OU Defence Industries!

The Raider Company is an example of the modular approach the ICAF have taken towards the conduct of operations. It includes its own anti-armour, air defence and indirect fire support - unusual for a company-size formation. The Raiders are trained and experienced in utilising most modes of insertion into an area of operation as well as using whatever vehicles are deemed most suitable for the success of their mission. The preferred battlefield transport is the MICV version of the general-purpose grav-powered 'Centaur'.

Special Note: For further information on relevant equipment, see our article on Indonesian Commonwealth Weapons and Vehicles

Raider Company - Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: 7 Officers, 156 Other Ranks (163 total troops).

Company Headquarters (2 Officers, 10 Other Ranks)

The Raider Company HQ consists of a 6 member Command Element (Company Commander, Company Sergeant Major, Comms Operator, Linguist/Interrogator, Operations Officer, Ops Sergeant) and a 6-trooper security squad (Squad Commander and four riflemen, all carrying the LAR10, and a SAW Gunner carrying the LSW29). In addition, there will usually be a two or three member specialist liaison detachment from the supporting force organisation (all members carry the LAR10). Two Centaurs complete the HQ.

Weapons Platoon (1 Officers, 30 Other Ranks)

HQ Squad (1 Officer, 5 ORs)
The HQ Squad of the Weapons Platoon essentially fulfills the role of administration and Fire Control Co-ordination rather than a fighting unit. Consists of the Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant and four Comms/FO trained Assaulters. Small arms are normally the LAR10. The Platoon HQ rides in a Centaur

Anti-Armour Squad (9 ORs)
The Raider Company is not normally employed against armoured units. However, four of the the highly effective NSL PzShK XII GMS or SK51 Plasma Guns are employed by this squad for use against hardened targets or light armoured vehicles encountered on operations. Four two-trooper detachments and a Squad Sergeant make up this squad. All troops carry the LAR10 in addition to the heavy weapons. Two Centaurs provide transport and ammunition resupply for the squad although normally the detachments will travel with the Assault Platoons that they are supporting.

RAM Mortar Squad (8 ORs)
An eight member squad operating three 82mm Light RAM. Includes the Squad Leader, 2IC/Ops and three two-trooper mortar detachments. One LSW29 is supplied for close protection in addition to the LAR10 carried by the remainder of the squad. The mortar squad uses three Monitor light grav vehicles instead of the Centaur.

Air Defence Squad (8 ORs)
Three BlowDart Guided Missile (Surface to Air - Light) launchers are manned by teams of two troops. A Squad Leader and SAW Gunner complete the Squad. Transport is three Monitors.

4 x Assault Platoons (1 Officer, 29 Other Ranks each)

HQ Squad (1 Officer, 5 ORs)
A six-member team, including the Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Comms Operator and three Assaulters, normally riding in one Centaur MICV. One LSW29 is carried as standard with the remainder issued either LAR10s or the H&K G-40 Assault Gun as preferred. Often one of the Headquarters troopers will have received sniper training and may be armed with the FSE FA-75/F2 Gauss Sniper Rifle instead of the LAR10.

4 x Assault Squads (6 ORs each)
Each Assault Squad includes the Squad Leader, SAW Gunner and four Assaulters (usually mounted in a Centaur). The LSW29 and LAR10 are standard weapons however one squad in the platoon is usually designated the Special Close Assault Squad and will normally carry the G-40 in place of the LAR10 as well as a number of breaching charges. It should be noted that all SAW and other heavy weapons operators carry a heavy calibre semi-automatic pistol as a personal side-arm.

Attached Power Armour Back to Top

Powered Armour units, whilst not on the TO&E of the Raider Company, are often used to support operations. Generally, a PA platoon of four squads of four PA Troopers plus a four member Command Squad will be attached to Company HQ. Each squad has its own Centaur MICV for transport and resupply. PA anti-armour weapons are restricted to the infantry plasma gun carried by each squad, as the Centaur’s main armaments are relied on the deal with anything the PA can not. In addition to the PIG, each squad has one other support weapon (usually a SAW). The remaining troopers carry standard anti-personnel small arms. ICAF PA has been purchased from a number of suppliers, predominantly NSL and FSE although IC-designed PA is finally in production by Singapore Armaments.

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