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Islamic Federation - Infantry Company
By Owen Glover

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This Page: Unit Introduction  Revolutionary Guard Detailed TO&E   Line Infantry and Militia

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This is discussed under three levels of unit quality; the best armed and trained being the first line Revolutionary Guard. Second Line troops are the Line Infantry and the poorly armed and trained locally raised troops within geographical regions are the Militia.

The following organisation outlines the doctrinal organisation for units of the armies of the Islamic Federation. It should be noted that in addition to normal variances of unit strengths due to battlefield attrition, many individual and formation commanders routinely hire foreign Mercenary Contract troops to supplement unit effectiveness. This is particularly noted in the Power Amour troops of the Revolutionary Guard Battalions.

Whilst appearing to be not as heavily armed or carry as sophisticated weaponary as Western forces the structure of the IF Infantry forces offers great flexability that can be a distinct advantage, and they should not be underestimated. Whilst the Militia and, to a lesser extent the Line Battalions, are not as well trained as Western armies the Revolutionary Guard are the equal of the Panzergrenadiers of the NSL or the NACs Royal Marines. In particular their Jihad inspired ferocity allows them to fight on when other troops would consider withdrawing.

Special Note: For further information on relevant equipment, see our article on Islamic Federation Weapons and Vehicles

Revolutionary Guard Company - Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: 10 Officers, 136 Other Ranks (146 total troops).

Company Headquarters (5 Officers, 7 Other Ranks)

The company headquarters comprises 12 personnel - the Company Commander, the Deputy Commander, 3 Staff Imam, and 4 bodyguards for the Imam, and 3 enlisted staff (2 signallers, 1 operations NCO).

Support Platoon (1 Officer, 16 Other Ranks)

HQ Squad (1 Officer, 1 OR)
The HQ of the Support Platoon consists of just two men - the Platoon Commander and a signaller. The members of the squad are armed with the standard AR.

RAM Mortar Squad (9 ORs)
An nine member squad operating three Light RAM, in three teams of three troops. Each squad member has a standard AR.

Air Defence Squad (6 ORs)
The AD squad carries two GMS/L (AD) with two crews of three men. All are armed with the standard AR.

3 x Line Platoons (1 Officer, 29 Other Ranks each)

HQ Squad (1 Officer, 3 ORs)
A four-man team, including the Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Comms Operator and a sniper. The sniper is not specially trained - just a better shot than average and equipped with a sniper rifle. (Take a look at the Marksmen rules - Ed.) The other members are armed with standard ARs.

2 x Assault Squads (8 ORs each)
Each Assault Squad includes the Squad Leader, SAW Gunner, and six troopers. Two members of the squad are armed with SMG/Auto-Shotgun, and the five remaining are armed with the standard issue AR.

2 x Weapons Squads (5 ORs each)
Each Weapons Squad includes the Squad Leader and two 2-man GMS/P teams. Squad members are armed with the standard AR.

Assault Platoon (1 Officer, 33 Other Ranks)

HQ Squad (1 Officer, 5 ORs)
A six-member team all in Power Armour, including the Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Comms/EW Operator, SAW gunner, and two troopers armed with GMS/P. Each trooper not equipped with a special weapon carries a standard PA anti-personnel weapon.

2 x Assault Squads (6 ORs each)
Two Assault Squads are issued with Power Armour. These squads include a Squad Leader, SAW Gunner, GMS/PPG gunner, Point-Fire Rail Gun trooper, and 2 troopers armed with standard PA anti-personnel weapons.

2 x Assault Squads (8 ORs each)
The second two Assault Squads do not have PA - they wear the regular issue armour. Composed of a Squad Leader, SAW Gunner and six troopers. Two of the members are armed with SMG/Auto-Shotgun, the others except the SAW gunner carry the standard AR. The squad normally also carries three heavy Demo-Charges (2d12 Impact - placing takes one action.)

Line Infantry and Militia Companies Back to Top

The Line Infantry and Militia Companies in the IF Armed Forces are structured similarly to the Revolutionary Guard, with several distinctions.

  • ONLY Revolutionary Guard have the PA/Assault Platoon.
  • Line Infantry have a platoon of PA attached at Battalion level.
  • Militia have NO PA troops.
  • Transport is Hover or Hi-Mob Wheeled vehicles for RG and Line. Militia units field whatever locally acquired transport can be obtained. Vehicles operate as an integral part of the squads.

Finally, a brief word on equipment. While details of IF equipment appear elsewhere, it should be noted that although their helmets (and built-in electronics) are often discarded for traditional headress, great use is made of other enhanced optical surveillance equipment. IR and Image Intensifiers are carried in every squad, so IF units count as having Enhanced Sensors (Sensors: d8).

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