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Kra'Vak Ground Forces
By Adrian Johnson

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I have compiled several different people's ideas about using Kra'Vak in Stargrunt II over the past few years, with the intention of eventually producing a "finished" version. This is not yet complete, but we have had several requests for Kra'Vak information, so I am including here a text file you can download and read. It contains articles by several different authors, and has lots of great ideas for how to run Kra'Vak forces in Stargrunt II. This file is a "raw" text file, and to be easy to read you'll have to copy the text into some kind of Word Processor or equivalent. Eventually this page will be replaced with the finished version, but for the time being, have fun with this stuff...!    ~Adrian

Compiled Kravak Text File
(This is a plain .txt file, but is pretty big - about 45K)

Also, take a peek at the Kra'vak article by David Taylor, available on Brian Burger's website.

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