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"The Mercenaries" - The Lightning Division
By John Atkinson

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This Page: Unit Introduction    Detailed TO&E    Weapons and Equipment

An Introduction to The Lightning Division Back to Top

The Lightning Division is an example of a mercenary unit that's more sucessful marketing than actual fighting power. Its' very name is a misnomer, as in size it is much more of a large brigade. In firepower, it is a weak brigade.

In accordance with long-standing custom, the Division's commander is a Colonel, and the 'Regiments' (large batallions) are commanded by Lieutenant Colonels.

The Lightning Division is recruited from a variety of sources, and is notionally registered in Sweden. The language of command is English, and terms and titles are a mix of US and UK practice.

The Lightning Division is tailored for security commitments and low-intensity conflicts. It very carefully avoids contracts that would place it in conflict with serious mechanized or armored units. It has no counter-battery assets to deal with enemy artillery, and very little armor, anti-armor, EW, or anti-aircraft capability. There are mortars, but few even of them.

Naming the unit a "Division" is a pure marketing ploy, and several other aspects are also straight marketing. The division uses a pure-black uniform and paint scheme that is very intimidating to disguise the fact that the unit actually has very low firepower and no mobility.

The Lightning Division - TO&E Back to Top

  • Division Headquarters
  • Recon Company
  • Artillery Battery
  • Air Defense Company
  • 3 Infantry Regiments
    • Headquarters Company
    • 4 x Infantry Companies
      • Headquarters Section
      • 3 x Infantry Platoons
      • Mortar Section
    • Weapons Company
      • Headquarters Section
      • Mortar Platoon
      • Recon Platoon

Recon Company (5 Officers, 37 Other Ranks)

    HQ Troop (2 Officers, 4 ORs)
    2 Armored Cars, 3 crew per Car.

    3 x Recce Troops (1 Officer, 11 ORs each)
    4 Armored Cars, 3 crew per Car.

Artillery Battery (2 Officers, 58 Other Ranks)

    HQ Section (2 Officer, 10 ORs)
    The HQ section of the Artillery Battery includes the battery commander and 2IC, trained Forward Observers, and signals specialists. 3 Jeeps, 1 Light Truck.

    4 x Gun Teams (12 ORs each)
    2 105mm Towed RAM Howitzers, 2 Light Trucks, 6 crew per gun.

Air Defense Company (2 Officers, 24 Other Ranks)

    HQ Section (2 Officer, 6 ORs)
    The HQ section of the Air Defense Company includes the company commander, 2IC, and signals specialists.

    4 x AD Teams (4 ORs each)
    2 Armored Cars, ADS Version, 2 crew per Car.

Infantry Company (5 Officer, 119 Other Ranks)

    HQ Section (2 Officers, 6 ORs)
    Commander, 2IC, 1SG, Supply Sergeant, Commander's driver, Armorer, 2 Signallers, 2xJeeps, 1xLight Truck

    3 Infantry Platoons (1 Officer, 35 ORs each)
    Platoon Headquarters: Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Medic
    3 Rifle Squads: Squad Leader, fire team A (Team Leader, GPMG gunner, assistant GPMG gunner, 2 rifleman), fire team B (Team Leader, RPG gunner, assistant RPG gunner, 2 riflemen).

    Mortar Section (8 ORs)
    2 60mm mortars, 3 crew each, Section Commander, specialist signaller.

Weapons Company (4 Officer, 42 Other Ranks)

    HQ Section (2 Officers, 6 ORs)
    Commander, 2IC, 1SG, Supply Sergeant, Commander's driver, Armorer, 2 Signallers, 2xJeeps, 1xLight Truck

    Recon Platoon (1 Officer, 17 ORs)
    Platoon Headquarters: Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Medic
    3 Recon Squads: Squad Leader, 4xScouts

    Mortar Platoon (1 Officer, 19 ORs)
    Platoon Headquarters: Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Medic, specialist signaller
    4 82mm Mortars: 4 Crew each.

Weapons and Equipment Back to Top

Uniforms:  Infantrymen of the Lightning Division wear a matte black ceramic clamshell cuirass (d6 Armor) and a "Fritz"-styled helmet with visor. (Basic sensors) Off-duty uniform is the black fatigues with the addition of a white kepi. It is notable that the Lightning Division is one of the few merc units that actually concerns themselves with maintaining a spit-shine in garission.

Rifle:  The standard rifle of the Lightning Division is the old but reliable Armalite AR-28, in 5.56mm caseless. FP 2, Imp d8. A 40mm grenade launcher can be added which increases the FP to 3. Typically 2 per squad are issued, to the team leaders.

SMG:  Submachine guns are carried by mortar crewmen, vehicle crewmen, some members of recon squads (usually 1-2 per squad), officers, and (depending on personal preference) NCOs of squad level or above. The standard is the H&K MP-2100, in 10mm caseless. FP 3, Imp d8, Close range only.

Shotguns:  Recon teams also often have 1-2 men carrying assault shotguns. The favorite is the TacCor Sledgehammer, an evolutionary development of the Jackhammer. It's a 12ga weapon with a 16 round magazine and 3-round burst capability. FP 3, Imp d8. Beyond close range it uses sabot round to achieve FP 2, Imp d10. Some squads include a shotgunner as pointman.

Pistols:  Pistols are carried by RPG and GPMG gunners, and some officers and support troops (mechanics, etc). The Lightning Division pistol is the H&K P41 in caseless 10mm. FP 1, Imp d8, Close range only.

General Purpose Machine Gun:  GPMG is the FN MG-22 twin-barrel in 7.5mm caseless. FP d10, Imp d10 (without AG, FP drops to d8).

RPG  The RPG used is one of several generic types which are largely interchangable. Treat as reloadable IAVR. Gunner usually carries 1-3 rounds as does the AG.

Armored Car:  The LLAR-made EE-44. Size 2, Armor 1, Hi-Mobility wheeled, CFE, Basic ECM. 35mm autocannon R(RFAC/2) in turret (Basic Firecontrol) with coaxial 7.5mm MG (FP d10, Imp d10). Pintle-mounted MG-6 on commander's cupola as well (FP d10, Imp d10). Air Defense version replaces 35mm turret with remote turret with 20mm autocannon and fire control radar (ADS/Basic). Crew of 3 in basic version, 2 in air defense version.

Jeeps:  Jeeps are Size 1, Armor 0, CFE, Hi-Mobility wheeled with pintle mount capable of carrying MG-6.

Light Truck:  Light Trucks are size 2, armor 0, CFE, Low-Mobility wheeled with ring mount above crew compartment capable of mounting MG-6.

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