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New Israeli Defence Forces
By Owen Glover

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Interface Assault Unit Introduction Back to Top

The Interface Assault units of the New Israeli Defence Force provide a significant Special Operations capability. These units are designed for great flexibility, and undertake a wide variety of operations in all environmental conditions, including zero-G and vacuum.

In outline the Battalion sized unit consists of a HQ, two company sized Interface Assault Groups (IAG) and a Combat Vehicles Group (CVG).

Special Note: For further information on relevant equipment, see our article on New Israeli Weapons and Vehicles

Interface Assault Group (IAG) - Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: 6 Officers, 86 Other Ranks (92 total troops).

The IAG is structured to enable a wide variety of combat roles to be undertaken in either planetary orbit or on surface. Consequently the IAGs are a very closely integrated organisation and are extremely well equipped when compared to most other specialist forces.

Each IAG is composed of a HQ, two Assault Platoons and a Weapons Platoon. Weapons provides Pathfinder patrols for surface landings, snipers and the Direct and Indirect fire support assets that may be required in support of operations from zero G vacuum ship boardings to a conventional ground based assault on such targets as a Command HQ.

Headquarters Section (2 Officers, 6 Other Ranks)

The IAG HQ consists of a 4 member Command Section (2 officers, 2 NCOs) and a security element with 4 troops.

Weapons Platoon (2 Officers, 34 Other Ranks)

HQ Squad (1 Officer, 3 ORs)
The HQ Squad of the Weapons Platoon includes the platoon commander and senior NCO, a signaller/EW trooper with a C3I suite, and a SAW gunner.

Direct Fire Squad (10 ORs)
The DFW Squad consists of two detachments each of 2 GMS/L mounted on vehicles or ground mount tripods. Manning is a command team of two, with each detachment having 4 troopers. Each squad member carries an AR.

RAM Mortar Squad (10 ORs)
The Mortar Squad consists of 10 troops; a command element of 2, and 2 detachments each of 4 operating 2 Light RAMs in each detachment. Each squad member carries a standard AR.

Pathfinder Squad (1 Officer, 11 ORs)
The Pathfinders include a HQ Team and two Pathfinder Teams. The Pathfinder Teams, one to support each Assualt Platoon, each consist of 4 troops (3 ARs and 1 SAW). The Pathfinder Command Team has the commander and his 2IC as well as two specialist snipers who may each be attached to a Pathfinder Team, the Assault Platoon or operate independently. The Command Team members carry the standard AR. The snipers are equipped with the HAMR as well as a Personal Defence Weapon (PDW). During the conduct of Extra Atmosphere Operations the sniper often replaces the HAMR with a laser based weapon.

2 x Assault Platoons (1 Officer, 23 Other Ranks each)

HQ Squad (1 Officer, 3 ORs)
The HQ Squad includes the platoon commander and platoon senior NCO, a signaller/EW trooper with a C3I suite, and a SAW gunner. The officer, NCO and signaller are armed with ARs.

5 x Assault Squads (4 ORs each)
Each Assault Squad includes the squad commander, a SAW gunner, and two troopers with ARs. Three of the Assault Squads will have one of the AR armed troopers equipped with an integrated Advanced GMS launcher in addition to the AR. Alternatively, depending on Mission Threat Analysis, the AR/GMS combination may be replaced with a Heavy Anti Material Rifle (HAMR) or an Infantry Plasma Gun; each Assault Platoon will not be issued with more than two HAMRs (in which case the GMS is usually not issued).

Combat Vehicle Group (CVG) Back to Top

The CVG comprises a HQ of two Fire Support Vehicles and two Command Vehicles, a Fire Support Vehicle Troop and two Armoured Transport Troops. The FSV Troop consists of a two vehicle HQ and 3 sections each of 4 FSVs. The Transport Troops each hold the allocations of vehicles for each of the Interface Assault Groups.

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