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Neu Swabian League - Jäger Company
By Owen Glover

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This Page: Unit Introduction  Jäger Company Detailed TO&E

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Forming the bulk of NSL Army Main Force Units, the Jäger or "Hunter" Battalions perform the majority of conventional ground based operations. Generally lightly armed and armoured the Jäger are well suited to a wide range of operations from urban to jungle to internal security.

The weapons and equipment used by the Jagers are similar to that of the NSL Panzergrenadiers, detailed in the Stargrunt II rulebook. As such, they will not be detailed here.

Jäger Company Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: 6 Officers, 140 Other Ranks (146 total troops).

Company Headquarters (2 Officers, 14 Other Ranks)

HQ Command Squad (2 Officer, 6 ORs)
Commanding Officer, 2IC, Company Sergeant, 3 Operations staff (including signallers), 2 liason NCOs from Battalion support elements. All carry the SG58 standard assault rifle.

HQ Security Squad (8 ORs each)
Squad Leader, 5 troopers with SG58 and two with the standard MG 66 or the lighter MG 80.

Support Platoon (1 Officer, 33 Other Ranks)

Platoon HQ (1 Officer, 6 ORs)
Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, a 2-man Forward Observer detachment, and 2 troops, all armed wsith SG58.

2 x Direct Fire Weapons Squads (8 ORs each)
Each squad has 8 troops, including the Squad Leader and Assistant Squad Leader, and two 3 man weapons detachments. Depending on operations the two DFWs may be AGL, GMS/P or PPG. When PPG are issued the squad will be issued full combat armour. SG58 is normally carried by each man.

Light RAM Squad (11 ORs each)
Includes the Squad Leader, Assistant Squad Leader, and three 75mm light rocket assist mortars, each with a crew of three. SG59 carried by each trooper.

3 x Rifle Platoons (1 Officer, 31 Other Ranks each)

Platoon HQ (1 Officer, 7 ORs)
Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, 4 troopers with SG58, 1 with a MG80 SAW and either a second MG80 or a light AGL.

3 x Rifle Sections (8 ORs each)
8 troops, organised in two fire teams. Toatal of 6 x SG58 and 2 x MG80 or 1 MG80 and an AGL.

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