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Oceanic Union - The Light Horse Regiment
By Owen Glover

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Light Horse Regiment Introduction Back to Top

In the early years of the 20th Century Australia and New Zealand were involved in what was misnamed "The Great War". During this relatively short four year war, Mounted Infantry units, known as Light Horse Regiments, gained great respect and honour through the performance of the soldiers and their commanders, notably at such engagements as Beersheba and Romani. In the 22nd century one of the lessons relearned fighting against the Indonesian Commonwealth was the value of the Mounted Infantryman’s capabilities. As a consequence, a number of Light Horse Regiments (units at Battalion Strength) were reformed with the dual roles of Reconnaissance and Strike. A JR/A Grav Scooter, used by many cattle stockman in Northern Australia and New Zealand, was modified to meet Oceanic Union Defence Forces operating requirements and introduced into service as the standard Light Horse vehicle under the name the Waler (after the original Regiment’s breed of horse).

Generally, the Light Horse Regiments are included within each Defence Region’s Divisional organisation as Divisional troops, and Brigaded for administrative control. 1st Division has 1st Light Horse Brigade consisting of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Light Horse and so on. The speed, manoeuvrability (and silence of the grav drive) of the Waler make it ideal for employment as a light recon vehicle and the powerful HEL/1 laser provides enough firepower to employ it as a formidable strike vehicle against even medium armour. However, cost and weight restrictions have resulted in fitting of only the most basic of fire control and sensor systems. This is considered to be more than made up for by the consummate skill and daring of the riders who delight in showing off the shooting skills by "nailing" feral cats with headshots on the open outback expanses!

Special Note: For further information on relevant equipment, see our article on OUDF Weapons and Vehicles

Light Horse Squadron (Company) - Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: 6 Officers, 135 Other Ranks (141 total troops).

Squadron Headquarters (2 Officers, 8 Other Ranks)

Commanding Officer, CSM, Comms/EW Specialist, Medic, Operations Officer, Ops NCO, and a security element of four troopers, all armed with the standard F72 ACR

Squadron Support Section (14 Other Ranks)

Each detachment is provided with a ‘Quokka’ grav Sled for transport. Weapons are standard F72 with each Quokka mounting a detachable F77 SAW for local protection.

Section HQ (4 ORs)
The Support Section HQ is composed of the Section Commander (usually a Sergeant), a Signaller, and two FO trained troopers.

Light Air Defense Detachment (5 ORs)
The LAD detachment carries two Harlequin Surface to Air Man Portable Missile Launchers with a manning of a Corporal as Detachment Commander and two troopers per Harlequin.

RAM Mortar Detachment (5 ORs)
The Mortar Det consists of two light RAM tubes with a similar manning to the LAD Det.

Recon Troop (1 Officer, 23 Other Ranks each)

Troop HQ (1 Officer, 5 ORs)
Six men including the Troop Commander, Troop Sergeant and four troopers two of which are sniper trained and issued the F82 as operations require. All others carry the F72 ACR. A specialist Signaller is not required due to the improved sensors built in to the Recon Waler. Essentially the Troop HQ can function as a fourth Recon Patrol.

3 x Recon Patrols (6 ORs each)
Each Recon Patrol has six men including Patrol Commander, Medic and four troopers each carrying a F72ACR.

3 x Line Troops (1 Officer, 30 Other Ranks each)

Troop HQ (1 Officer, 3 ORs)
Four men including the Troop Commander, Troop Sergeant, Signaller and Medic. The Signaller has an Enhanced Sensor fit for long range communications and EW.

3 x Line Sections (9 ORs each)
Section Commander and 2IC and seven troopers all carrying standard F72 ACR.

Regimental Organization Back to Top

At Regimental level the Light Horse are much leaner than other OUDF units in having very limited support assets and a light Headquarters element. The Regimental Headquarters Troop consists of a HQ Tac (four men), HQ Main (10 men), an Air Defence Section containing four Harlequin Light Air Defence launchers and a Security Section of eight troopers. There are four Line Squadrons and a Tech Support Squadron. Any further support is provided from Division as operations require but will usually include an SP Medium Artillery Battery (Grav) and an Air Defence Troop Heavy (Grav).

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