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Pan African Union - Mobile Manouver Group
By Owen Glover

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PAU Mobile Manouver Group Introduction Back to Top

Following the end of the Second Solar War, the Pan African Union has strengthened its associations with the FSE and ESU. The last 30 years has seen a significant modernization with much of the heavy equipment and weapon systems provided through contracts with FSE and ESU arms dealers. The PAU values the principle of flexibility in warfare and its army and paramilitary forces have developed with this very much in focus. Army organizations have been developed that enable the conduct of a wide range of operations without sacrificing basic capabilities. The Mobile Manouver Group is an example of this. Of approximately Battalion size, it is capable of extended and independent operations. The flexible Attached Support elements will often provide a tactical advantage over other fixed formations.

Special Note: For further information on relevant equipment, see our article on PAU Weapons and Vehicles

Response Company Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Total Strength: 5 Officers, 107 Other Ranks (112 total troops).

Company Headquarters (2 Officers, 6 Other Ranks)

One squad-sized unit including the Company Commander, Company 2IC, Company Sergeant Major, four support staff, and a medic. 7 AR and 1 SAW.

Company Weapons Squad (8 Other Ranks)

This provides the organic heavy weapons support for the Rifle Platoons. It consists of the Squad Leader, a Signaller, and two detachments each of three men. Each detachment operates a Ground Mount RFAC/1.

3 x Rifle Platoons (1 Officer, 31 Other Ranks each)

Platoon HQ (1 Officer, 7 ORs)
Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Signaller, Combat Medic, 4 Riflemen. 7 AR, 1 SAW.

3 x Rifle Squads (8 ORs each)
Squad Leader, SAW Gunner, MIAVR Gunner, 5 Riflemen. 6 AR, 1 SAW, 1 MIAVR.

Manouver Group Organization Back to Top

Manouver Group Headquarters

Group HQ. Performs Tactical Command and Logistic Co-ordination, 16 Men, 16 AR. Also included is the Group Security Squad, with 8 Men, 6 AR, 2 SAW, 2 GMS/L(Air Defence).

Recon Platoon

2 PUMA Recon vehicles, each with 2 crew, 5 recon troops carrying 4 AR, 1 SAW.

Weapons Platoon

HQ squad of 6 Men, 6 AR, and three Mortar Squads; each Mortar squad has 1 Medium RAM, 6 Men, 5 AR, 1 SAW.

3 x Response Companies

Detailed Above. Two will be mounted in Wheeled APCs, the third in Hover or Tracked APCs.

Attached Support Platoon or Troop

Dependant on the operation the Attached Support may be either:

  • Troop of 3 Light Tanks
  • Troop of 3 Tank Destroyers
  • Troop of 3 SP Heavy Mortars
  • Platoon of Power Armour
  • Troop of 4 Assault VTOL

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