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New Anglian Confederation Army Vehicles

The New Anglian Confederation Army is one of the largest military forces in the GZGverse. The NAC Army is charged with protecting the large population of citizens under the dominion of His Majesty's Confederation Government. As a consequence of the size of the NAC Army and the diverse environments in which it must execute missions, it requires quite a wide variety of vehicles. The tables hereafter present individual vehicle designs for the various vehicles in use by the NAC Army.

Light Utility Vehicles

This class of vehicle includes small jeeps, squad carriers, staff cars, motorcycles, grav cycles, ATVs, FAVs, small trucks and general purpose military vehicles. This class of vehicle is rarely considered primary combatant material, although some armed vehicles of this class are supplied to security forces or rapid-deployment forces where the provision of primary combat vehicles would be inappropriate or infeasible.

    Vehicle   Author   Date Added   Description
    General Purpose Utility Jeep   TB   14 Dec. 2001   Standard soft-skinned 4-seat air-cushion general utility vehicle with enclosed cab.
    Armoured GP Utility Jeep   TB   14 Dec. 2001   A variant of the standard GP utility jeep. This variant has enough armour to stop most small arms.
    Light Anti-Armour Jeep   TB   16 Dec. 2001   A variant of the standard GP utility jeep. This variant replaces cargo/troop capacity with a GMS/H.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs)

This class of vehicles includes armoured personel carriers, infantry combat vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, fire support vehicles, light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, main battle tanks, super heavy tanks, mobile gun systems, tank destroyers and anti-armour vehicles. VTOLs, Artillery, and other specialty vehicles (Recce, Combat Engineering) are represented in their own separate categories.

    Vehicle   Author   Date Added   Description
    M-82 Slammer MBT   TB   14 Dec. 2001   Common Air-cushion MBT armed with large Mass Driver. Standard tank of many New Anglian Armoured Squadrons.
    Warlord APC   TB   14 Dec. 2001   Based on the Phalanx 6x6 chassis, this large APC carries 2 fewer troops than the Phalanx and in return replaces one of the Phalanx's rapid-fire DFFGs with a turreted GMS/L system for added anti-armour punch.

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