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New Anglian Confederation Army Vehicles

The New Anglian Confederation Army is one of the largest military forces in the GZGverse. As a consequence of the size of the NAC Army and the diverse environments in which it must execute missions, it requires a wide variety of vehicle types. These articles present individual designs for various vehicles in use by the NAC Army.

Light Utility Vehicles Back to Top

This class includes light general purpose and utility vehicles. Generally, these are soft skinned or at most lightly armoured to resist small arms and shell fragments. While most are armed with at least a light support weapon, few are primarily intended as combatants. Those few that are more heavily armed undertake roles such as providing a firepower platform for special forces or light or spacemobile rapid-deployment units.

    Vehicle   Date Added   Description
    General Purpose Utility Jeep   14 Dec. 2001   Standard soft-skinned 4-seat air-cushion general utility vehicle with enclosed cab.
    Armoured GP Utility Jeep   14 Dec. 2001   A variant of the standard GP utility jeep. This variant has enough armour to stop most small arms.
    Light Anti-Armour Jeep   16 Dec. 2001   A variant of the Armoured GP utility jeep. This variant replaces cargo/troop capacity with a GMS/H.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) Back to Top

This class includes any armoured combat vehicle except VTOLs, Artillery and specialist vehicles such as those used by Combat Engineers, which are covered in their own sections.

    Vehicle   Date Added   Description

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