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Vehicle Mounted Automatic Grenade Launcher
By Adrian Johnson and Tom Barclay

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Auto Grenade Launchers for Stargrunt II Vehicles Back to Top

Takes 2 Spaces in a vehicle (size 1 weapon/oversize SAW crossbreed).

This weapon fires the same grenades as the infantry carried grenade launchers, but fires them in bursts, and up to much greater ranges. The binary propellant system will meter the exact amount of propellant necessary to engage distant targets, and the vehicle structure can absorb greater recoil than an infantryman, hence the longer ranges.

Fires using standard vehicle mounted heavy weapon range bands - so 12" range bands against infantry, and 12"xSIZE against point targets. Actual attack is calculated as per any normal direct fire (unguided) vehicle mounted heavy weapon, with a Quality die and a Fire Control die being rolled for the attacker, and a range/cover die being rolled for the defender. These are not subject to ECM, Jamming or Decoys.

Against infantry, weapon does d8 impact over a 2" radius blast area. Cover is reduced by one level (due to airburst fusing) unless troops are in hardened positions with overhead cover. If the burst of grenades misses, it will scatter. Scatter using standard d12 clock for direction, with 12 being long and 6 being short. Distance is d8", but the deviation distance will never be more than half-way back toward the firing platform, if the direction rolled is "short".

Against point targets, the operator may select anti-armour rounds, and the burst of grenades will act as a single point-fire hit, doing d8* impact. This gives the Automatic Grenade Launcher an effective, though limited, anti-armour role.

Ammunition, as with other projectile weapons like Gauss and RFAC types, is considered unlimited for the scope of a typical Stargrunt II battle.

These weapons may be carried by Combat Walkers. When carried by Walkers, they have identical effects, but are subject to the Exposed Weapons on Walkers rule, and may be damaged or destroyed by a non-penetrating hit.

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