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Islamic Federation Weapons and Vehicles
By Owen Glover

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Special Note: For further information on Islamic Federation forces, see our article on the Islamic Federation Infantry Company TO&E

The Islamic Federation armies are generally supplied with equipment purchased from Eurasian and NSL Arms Dealers or built under licence from ESU and NSL companies. Often less sophisticated and considered out of date by Western defence analysts, the IF weapons are still effective when used with skill.

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Assault Rifle
Basic Assault Rifle with Integral Grenade Launcher. Earlier model of the ESU KI-72.
FP: 3 Impact: d8

Squad Automatic Weapon
Conventional Light Machine Gun. A copy of an older model of the ESU RK80.
FP: d10 Impact: d8

Assault Shotgun
A highly versatile and effective assault weapon favoured by the IF Assault units. Remember that shotguns get a +2 die shift for close combat resolution in Stargrunt II!
FP: 3 (Close Range only) Impact: d8

The 3-round Portable Guided Missile Launcher carried by IF infantry units is an earlier version of the ESU AT-17. It has only a basic guidance system, but this is compensated for by deploying them in pairs.
Guidance: Basic (d6) Impact: d12*

Kalyev Sniper Rifle
ESU Conventional Sniper Rifle purchased by the IF Armed Forces. While IF snipers at platoon level are not specially trained, they are generally a better shot than the average soldier.
FP: d8 Impact: d10

Infantry Plasma Gun
NSL Portable Plasma Gun (Infantry) manufactured under licence. Used by some PA units.
FP: d6 Impact: d12*

Infantry Point-Fire Rail Gun
NSL weapon built under licence. Used by some PA units.
FP: d8 Impact: d12*

PA Anti-Personnel Weapon
Based on the standard ESU PA weapon, this version is manufactured under licence.
FP: 2 Impact: d10

PA Squad Automatic Weapon
A rotary-action machinegun of NSL design, manufactured under licence for use with IF PA units.
FP: d8 Impact: d10

Design originally aquired from the Indonesian Commonwealth. Based on an earlier version of the BlowDart, this is a man-portable shoulder fired fired Low Level Air Defence system.
Guidance: Enhanced (d8) Impact: d12 (against aircraft only)

Body Armour
IF body armour consists of a heavy ferroceramic ‘clamshell’ back and breast plate over standard ballistic-weave cloth fatigues, and a kevlar helmet. The helmet is often discarded for traditional headress. Great use is made of enhanced optical surveillance equipment and IR and Image Intensifiers are carried in every squad (Enhanced Sensors –d8)
ARMOUR VALUE: d6 MOBILITY: 6" or d6x2" Sensors: d8 (Enhanced) ECM: d6 (Basic)

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Transport is Hover or Hi-Mobility Wheeled vehicles for Revolutionary Guard and Line Infantry units. Militia units field whatever locally acquired transport can be obtained. Vehicles operate as an integral part of the squads. Most vehicles are of IF manufacture - licence built ESU equipment largely, though there are several indigenous designs used by the Line Infantry. RG units are generally equipped with vehicles of NSL origin.

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