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Figures by Albert C.


FSE Power Armour

NAC Marines


New Israeli


Assorted Stargrunt Miniatures
by Albert Cho

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Albert contacted us to ask if he could submit photos of his figures for our gallery section. We are more than happy to take a look at other people's work, and were hugely impressed both by the quality of Albert's photos and the care and attention to detail he has taken in his modeling.   ~Ed.

We asked Albert for some details about the photos, and he told us that:

I took the photos with a digital Nikon Coolpix 800 on the Macro setting. This is not the newest or best Nikon digital camera (several better models came out right after I purchased this one). It's only 2.1 megapixels, but it's still a pretty good camera with a good Macro mode. The photos were actually taken in my kitchen without the flash. Better lighting would have been ideal. Therefore, I had to digitally enhance them with Corel Photo-paint 9 DCE. The "matte paintings" serving as the sky backdrops are photos printed on plain paper and propped up on cardboard (a bit of cheap improvisation can go a long way!!!). The lichen is from Woodland Scenic. The turf and static grass are from the "Evil Empire"... Games Workshop. And the rocks were...well, made by God who made all things :)

Update: October 2002. In response to several questions from viewers, we asked Albert how he achieved the effect on the NI troopers' faceplates. He responded:

The NI faceplates were first painted silver and then coated with Tamiya Clear Acrylic (I mixed clear blue and clear yellow, but I'm sure Tamiya has a clear green). The dark green settles into the recesses and the silver shines through just enough near the middle. The effect looks a bit better on the actual models IMHO. For the NAC Power Armor I painted the face plates with gold and then covered them with Tamiya clear shadow. These clear paints are great for gemstones as well. A warning though: these paints are relatively thick and sticky. I wouldn't recommend using your nicer brushes.

FSE Power Armour

Notes: The figures are FSE Power Armor from Ground Zero Games. The helmets and arms have been slightly modified. Included are SGF-22 with Rocket Launcher, SGF 24 with Missile Launcher, SGF-25 with Support RF Gauss Gun and SGF-26 Squad Leader with Command Pack. There are also two Squad Leaders with modified Command Packs.

NAC Marines

Notes: The first two pictures are NAC Power Armor including SGA21 with APW, SGA22 with rocket launcher packs, and SGA26 with comm pack. The second two are of "regular" marines, including a SAW gunner.

OUDF Infantry


New Israelis




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