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Royal New Anglian Light Infantry - Regimental Battle Group
By Adrian Johnson

Introduction  Detailed TO&E  Vehicle Designs
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Light Infantry Regimental Battle Group Detailed TO&E Back to Top

Headquarters Company (9 Officers, 113 Other Ranks)

HQ Post (5 Officers, 15 ORs)
Lt. Colonel CO, Major DCO, 3 Staff officers, RSM, HQ Staff. Staff officers include Operations, Assistant Operations, and Adjutant.

Intelligence Section (3 Officers, 13 ORs)
Major OC, Capt 2IC. The senior Intelligence Officer commands the Intel Section, acts as the Intelligence representative in the Regimental Staff, and supervises the Comm/EW/ELINT platoon, the Recce platoon, and the UAV Recce Section.

Communications/EW/ELINT Platoon (1 Officer, 17 ORs)
Lieutenant OC, WO 2IC, provides EW for Regiment and tech support to lower command level communication personnel.

Recce Platoon (2 Officers, 26 ORs)
Captain OC, Lieutenant 2IC, 7 recce teams of 4. Sometimes operates on bikes.

UAV Recce Section (16 ORs)
WO OC, specialists in UAV intel gathering. This unit under Intel. command.

HQ Defense Team (16 ORs)
WO OC. 2 sections of infantry equipped with 1 extra SAW per section. These troops provide defense for the regiment headquarters area, bodyguards for the senior staff, and operate as runners as needed.

MP Section (8 ORs)
WO OC. These 8 troops are the regimental police. In battle they contribute to the HQ defense, guarding the senior staff, and conduct EPW handling.

Logistics / Admin Company (10 Officers, 188 Other Ranks)

Company HQ Section (2 Officers, 6 ORs)
Major OC, Captain 2IC. Note - the OC is the Regimental DCO and the 2IC is the Regimental Adjutant. The Logistics/Admin Company is almost never committed en masse as a company. The Company's subordinate units are parcelled out as needed, and most of the time remain out of direct fighting.

Administration Platoon (17 ORs)
Directly commanded by the Regimental Adjutant. Provides all clerical and administrative functions such as personnel records, pay and finance, public relations, etc.

Supply Platoon (1 Officer, 32 ORs)
Lieutenant OC. This unit administers the logistical system for the Regiment.

Transport Platoon (1 Officer, 31 ORs)
Lieutenant OC. This unit provides heavy transportation for Regimental equipment and supplies. The unit has a mixture of 18 heavy transport vehicles.

Maintenance Platoon (2 Officers, 50 ORs)
Captain OC, Lieutenant 2IC. This unit provides maintenance services for all of the equipment in the regiment, including vehicles, for which it operates several ARVs. This platoon also has workshop and fabrication facilities, and specialist technicians.

Field Kitchen (20 ORs)
WO OC. This unit can provide up to 5 field kitchen detachments so that the regiment can have hot meals in the field.

Medical Platoon (4 Officers, 32 ORs)
Captain OC. The Regimental Aid Station provides all local medical services for the Regiment. It operates a small surgery, and has 4 fully qualified doctors on staff, plus a number of highly qualified medics. Several ambulances are operated for the recovery of wounded in the field.

Combat Support Company (11 Officers, 247 Other Ranks)

Company HQ Section (2 Officers, 16 ORs)
Major OC, Captain 2IC. Note - the OC is the Regimental Operations Officer. The 2IC maintains a dedicated Company HQ that supervises company operations and maintains liason with the Regimental HQ including fire-support coordination. This HQ is usually Co-located with the Regimental Headquarters. The Combat Support Company is almost never committed en masse as a company. The units are parcelled out as needed. They are commanded in the field by the platoon commanders, but usually remain under Regimental operational control except when elements are assigned in support of one of the other subordinate units in the Regiment.

Assault Pioneer Platoon (1 Officer, 31 Ors)
Lieutenant OC. This unit provides combat engineering services to the Regiment, but does not normally deploy with heavy equipment - the Battle Group relies on Naval engineer units or attached army heavy engineering units for any heavy engineer support.

RAM Mortar Battery (1 Officer, 39 ORs)
Lieutenant OC. This unit operates 8 Heavy RAM mortars, in 4 teams of 2 mortars. Each RAM is carried by a single light vehicle (GEV Truck) and each team of 2 is supported by an ammunition carrier. The battery has three crewmen per mortar, two per ammo carrier and an HQ element that includes four Forward Observers.

PA Platoon - Reinforced (2 Officers, 42 ORs - six PA sections, one tech section)
Captain OC, Lieutenant 2IC. Six PA sections, each of 6 PA suits. One section of 6 technicians. This unit may have specialized APCs - and if so, the compliment will increase by the total for the vehicle crews. The Battle Group has no integral armour, and this reinforced PA Platoon and the Combat Walker Troop provides the primary "heavy" force available to the Battle Group commander.

Combat Walker Troop - Reinforced (2 Officers, 38 ORs - 8 Walkers, 12 pilots, 16 techs)
Captain OC, Lieutenant 2IC. 8 Combat walkers, normally consisting of two standard models. Weapons loadout will be a mix of anti-tank and anti-infantry depending on mission. The technical staff can change the mounted weapons quickly as needed.

Anti-Aircraft Battery (1 Officer, 35 ORs, 8 AA missile systems)
Lieutenant OC. 8 AA missile systems, each deployed with a vehicle (usually a GEV jeep) and a crew of three.

Anti-Tank Platoon (2 Officers, 46 ORs, 16 GMS/H on GEV Jeeps)
Captain OC, Lieutenant 2IC. Platoon divided into 4 sections of 4 GMS/H teams, each mounted on GEV Jeeps. Each vehicle has a crew of 3.

3 x Rifle Company (6 Officers, 156 Other Ranks)

Company HQ Section (2 Officers, 16 ORs)
Major OC, Captain 2IC. HQ Section includes medic staff of 4, Comm/EW staff of 4, 4 Vehicle crew, and 4 Staff.

Quartermaster Section (8 ORs)
Sgt OC. Provides stores for the Company, and in-battle ammunition resupply. Section provided with two jeeps and two trucks for transport.

Weapons Platoon (1 Officer, 39 ORs)
Lieutenant OC. 3 Light RAM, 6 GMS/L, 3 HMG.

3 x Rifle Platoon (1 Officer, 31 ORs)
Lieutenant OC. 3 Sections of 8 troops, each with SAW, GMS/P. Separate Medic team of 2. Command section of 6 including GMS/P and SAW. Depending on mission, may have attached EW support from Company HQ, and other liason personnel.

Battle Group Aviation Support Flight (8 Officers, 119 Other Ranks)

Aviation HQ Section (3 Officers, 16 ORs)
Major OC, Captain 2IC. Includes meteorological services.

Maintenance Section (1 Officer, 43 Ors)
Lieutenant OC. Provides all maintenance services for the Flight. Provides all groundcrews.

Transport Section (2 Officers, 40 ORs - 12 Pilots, 8 VTOL Transports)
Captain OC, Lieutenant 2IC. Pilots are mostly senior NCOs. VTOL transports can carry two infantry sections or equivalent in cargo. Standard crew is three, including Pilot, Crew Chief, and an additional crewman as door gunner. Crew Chief acts as door gunner when on operations.

Scout / Fire Support Section (2 Officers, 20 ORs - 9 Pilots, 9 Sys Ops, 6 VTOL Scout/Gunships)
Captain OC, Lieutenant 2IC. Pilots are mostly senior NCOs. Standard crew is two, and these VTOLs can carry no extra personnel.

Reinforcement Back to Top

On certain operations, a Light Infantry Battle Group may be reinforced with several different types of additional units. The most common are the High Mobility Support Squadron and the Light Armour Squadron, which add heavier firepower and manoeverability when the Battle Group commander requires extra support, but a heavy mechanized infantry formation is unavailable.

High Mobility Support Squadron (7 Officers, 146 Other Ranks)

Company HQ Section (2 Officers, 16 ORs)

PA Platoon - Reinforced (2 Officers, 42 ORs)

3 x Combat Walker Troop (Each: 1 Officer, 24 ORs - 6 Walkers, 9 Pilots, 15 techs)

Support Section (16 ORs, 3 WRV - Walker Recovery Vehicles)

Light Armour Squadron (12 Officers, 187 Other Ranks, 18 Light GEV Tanks)

Squadron HQ Troop (3 Officers, 25 ORs - 2 GEV Light Tanks)

Assault Troop (1 Officer, 35 ORs, 4 GEV-AIFV)

Combat Support Troop (2 Officers, 46 ORs, 1 ARV, 4 RAM mortars)

4 GEV Light Tank Troops (1 Officer, 11 ORs, 4 GEV Light Tanks)

1 Recce Troop (2 Officers, 26 ORs, 7 GEV-Recce Vehicles)

Glossary of Terms Back to Top
  • 1IC - First In Command. The person commanding a given unit. Rarely used term.
  • 2IC - Second In Command. The assistant commander of a unit of company size and smaller.
  • AIFV - Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
  • Assault Pioneers - Infantry troops cross trained in basic combat engineering tasks including mine clearance, demolitions and basic fortification construction. These troops provide combat engineer support integral to the battalion.
  • ARV - Armoured Recovery Vehicle. Engineering vehicle used to recover and repair other broken vehicles.
  • CO - Commanding Officer. The senior officer of a battalion/regiment or larger formation.
  • DCO - Deputy Commanding Officer. The second in command of a battalion/regiment or larger formation.
  • EW - Electronic Warfare.
  • GEV - Ground Effect Vehicle.
  • HQ - Headquarters.
  • MP - Military Police. Responsible in battle for assisting in protecting the Battalion HQ, prisoner handling, and route guidance.
  • NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer. Troops who hold non-officer rank. Included are Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant/WO, MWO, CWO.
  • OC - Officer Commanding. The officer commanding a given unit of company size or smaller.
  • OR - Other Ranks. Refers to all troops who are not commissioned officers.
  • PA - Power Armour.
  • RAM - Rocket Assisted Munition. RAM Mortars are mortars that use rocket assisted shells for greater range and accuracy. Shells may be guided, depending on mission.
  • Section - British and Commonwealth (and NAC) term for "squad". Usually numbering between 6 and 12 troops, depending on mission.
  • UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Remote piloted intelligence gathering platform.
  • WO - Warrant Officer. The senior ranking enlisted personnel. There are three grades of Warrant Officer - Chief Warrant Officer (CWO), Master Warrant Officer (MWO), Warrant Officer (WO). WO in this article also denotes that a person of this category of rank holds a given position. To confuse things further, there are a number of "appointments" that can be made for persons of the WO ranks. These appointments include Regimental Sergeant Major (CWO), Company Sergeant Major (MWO), and Platoon Sergeant (WO). In a Regiment, there may be several people with the rank CWO but there is only ever one RSM, and s/he is the senior NCO of the regiment, outranking all other NCOs.

Introduction  Detailed TO&E  Vehicle Designs
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