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More Figures by Albert C.


NI Grav Assault

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More Assorted Stargrunt Miniatures
by Albert Cho

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After Albert submitted his excellent set of photos that we displayed in the first Assorted Stargrunt Figures by Albert Cho article, we received a number of compliments on the quality of both his work and the photography. Albert was generous enough so send us another set of pictures, which we are pleased to be able to present here.   ~Ed.

New Israeli Grav APC and Assault Troops

Notes: Air Cav landing in a hot LZ to pick up a squad of New Israeli commandos. The grav VTOL is made from a German Fuchs APC model made by Revell. The bottom and rear half of the fuselage were built up with styrene sheets. Details were then glued onto the styrene including the engines which actually came from a couple of defunct starship miniatures.

Mixed Figures

Notes: (Left)   Grav tank moving into hull down position at the crest of a hill. The grav tank is a modified German Leopard 2A5 model made by Revell. The hull was built up with styrene sheets.   (Right)   The Picture on the OUDF soldiers alongside an APC. The APC is a LIPPC APC made by GZG.

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